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  1. I'll post up the experience code when I am convinced I have the settings correct, but I've been loving the low condition recovery. I'm trying to get a mode that revolves around long term condition trading. Basically trying to have more deaths come gradually, rather than losing it all in an ill fated wolf struggle. So far I am going for interloper level loot and the harshest, coldest weather. Then, decreasing wildlife spawns, decreasing item decay rates, lengthening the day/night, lowering thirst/hunger requirements, and minimising the impact of wolf struggles. Considering whether to do away with wolves altogether, but at the highest fear and lowest damage they're barely an issue. The idea is that every meal is hard to come by, but lasts you longer. The low condition recovery means starvation and excessive time spent out in the cold will require a lot of recovery, but you will need to keep moving as you quickly depopulate a region. So even though the moment to moment threats are lower, condition loss builds if you haven't had the opportunity to rest up for a few days.
  2. I love pensive pond! Don't be taking my PV fishin' hole! Tbh though, I have grown as a player by trying to survive in different regions as the things they do and do not have force adaptations on the part of the player. As much as I enjoy fishing (CH is probably my favourite map, even taking Quonset's wolf population into account) I am reluctant to see it as a problem that there are a lack of nearby fishing options in those regions. Not against the idea. I guess I'm just ambivalent
  3. My sense is the main reason Milton has no fishing options is because in Wintermute the player isn't introduced to that mechanic until Episode 2. Jeremiah teaches the basic survival skills, so it makes no narrative sense to have fishing available within the Episode 1 Milton area. Of course, there's probably no reason why you couldn't still have a fishing hut, but simply make it non-interactive in Wintermute. Not everywhere has to have fishing huts. But given the close proximity of BR, FM, and Milton, it does mean there aren't a lot of fishing options once you leave ML in that direction.
  4. Yeah... I know it's technically a done deal as soon as the match is struck, but I'd kind of like it if cancelling a torch lighting action didn't waste a match.
  5. I agree it's a bit silly when you dive into it. Why do you only get 1 cloth from harvesting so many different sized items? Shirts and long sleeve tops? 1 cloth. Socks? 1 cloth. It'd almost make more sense to have cloth become much lighter, but require 2x for most repairs so you could harvest sensible amounts from different items. But that would just be bloating the numbers. I also like that there is an item in the world called cloth that breaks down into 3 cloth. You find them hanging over beds.
  6. Until the community does some documentation about what the impact of each option is, the best you have to go on are the presets for the existing experience modes to determine what none/low/medium/high/very high means. Changing settings on the fly is probably pretty destabilising. I get that it's frustrating to have to re-roll and spend a few hours seeing what the effects are, but this is what building an experience mode requires. It's probably why the team were so reluctant to release custom options until after the game was out. It's a lot of work to make sure the experience is challenging and interesting, and balance is hard to get right.
  7. Tbh you can secure all the feats and achievements really easily if you use Pilgrim mode, so engineering a custom game to farm them is not particularly necessary. But I like the idea of adding an option to the custom configuration to determine how many feats can be used, instead of that being "hard coded".
  8. Hard to make custom snadboxes count towards feats when some of them are based on the amount of days you've survived and there is no guarantee what the day length is.
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    Harvest or Not

    You can do a custom localisation to replace the word with something more suitable in the interim.
  10. Omg - just saw the custom experience mode tuning options! This is fantastic! Can't wait to see what people make from this. Thanks a bunch!
  11. I think this is already implemented? Wolves will run scared in certain circumstances, even on interloper. It's not guaranteed. In practice it means you simply can't rely on scaring a wolf away. You can try sprinting at them, carrying a torch etc. But for the most part you are best treating them as if they will pursue you.
  12. Knives and hatchets do not spawn. You must craft improvised ones in the forge. You can harvest meat without thawing it if you have a hacksaw, and you can still use a pry bar or heavy hammer in fishing huts. Plenty of sticks for fires, so it's not vital. But one of the early objectives in interloper (other than collecting matches) tends to be to get to a forge and craft improvised tools and arrowheads. You can't make arrows for the bow without the improvised knife either.
  13. As Shade_grey says, it is mostly about map knowledge. If you have a bedroll and plenty of matches or a fire striker you should be okay. A few tips from me for new explorers: Start out at the mountaineer'so hut and make it feel like home. Don't be in a rush to get up to the summit. There are plenty of rabbits around and the ice fishing hut for food. Plus, you should definitely clear all the cat tails from the lake and up the river a ways. Open the cargo containers to the east near the Bear cave. Stock up on firewood and by the time you've done all that you should have your bearings. Next, find the cave entrances and exits, moving and placing ropes to make things convenient. More cargo containers with good stuff in them. Look for a nice place to make a halfway point rest stop, store firewood and spare food there so you can travel light. Once you start needing to climb, your weight becomes an issue. Start gearing up for the summit climb. Pack a day worth of food and keep heavy equipment at your halfway point (or the closest point to the top you have settled in). Don't commit to the journey if you don't know the way, just keep exploring and living on the mountain. There are rabbits and the deer clearing. You can always fall back to your shelters.
  14. 1 - I honestly prefer a commitment to making all wildlife as permanent as possible (e.g. avoiding de-spawning and re-spawning to simulate movement). It would be really frustrating trying to track deer or bears if you knew that the game essentially teleported them around on you every day. 2 - I'm not sure I'm recognising the difference between how the system currently works and what you're describing. Containers and interiors randomise their loot from a defined list, pretty much exactly as you have described. The lists are based on themes, so you're much more likely to find food items on or inside kitchen cupboards, and much more likely to find clothing laying on top of or stored within bedroom drawers. There are pre-defined spots that have a chance (but not guarantee) of specific item spawns, like hunting rifles in rifle racks. Unless you make things near completely randomised, players are naturally going to catalog where it is possible to find key items. 3 - This is a common request. People either want wolf aggression dialled down to Voyageur levels, or Pilgrim levels, while maintaining Stalker or Interloper level item spawning. No signs of it happening yet, but it's always a possibility I suppose.
  15. I live in a temperate region near rainforests, so while I don't have experience in a winter environment anything like TLD, I'd be so excited to see a Spring survival sandbox. Leeches, bacterial/fungal infections from waterlogged shoes, heatstroke risks, thunderstorms, potential flooding... There's so many places you could go.
  16. My memory might be faulty, but I think you can access all the barred off areas from the other side. There's usually a passage off the main pathway of the cave that leads you there. All the dead ends are cave ins.
  17. I can't say for sure if I have followed the conditions precisely (specifically, exiting an interior during a blizzard), but I have encountered a wolves in the middle of a blizzard. Privately, I've never actually believed that wolves are de-spawned during blizzards. I have never seen it documented, and it always seemed rather prone to causing more problems than it solves (are wolf struggles in blizzards even a problem?). My theory is that wolf detection range is just reduced during a blizzard. Think about it - we already know multiple variables can and do impact wolf detection ranges. Condition, exhaustion, wounds, scent... Most significant of all - the Aurora itself implements the inverse of this exact behaviour. It is a type of weather condition (at least in game implementation terms - it has to run exclusive to overcast/blizzard conditions), during which wolf detection is practically doubled. It makes a lot more sense that wolves simply can't see very far, can't track scent in such high winds, and also struggle to make out prey sounds during a blizzard. Hence, even though they are out there, you are far less likely to encounter them because you pretty much have to stumble into them. Unfortunately for Hadrian in this instance, it is much more likely to occur if you're wandering into Quonset, notorious for its lupine neighborhood watch.
  18. I know blizzards are already nasty enough in gameplay terms. I'm not looking for ways to kill players. It's mostly that you can hear all these wonderful audio cues, rattling, shaking... but nothing actually happens during a blizzard beyond the temperature and visibility dropping. The world underneath the vision obscuring fog is the same. It's a niche thing and likely requires more development than it really pays for in experience. But I just feel like there needs to be a little something extra to give blizzards impact. It feels weird that most interactable items are dead still even though everything else is trying to communicate the extreme forces of nature at play.
  19. As soon as collectible firewood came in and respawn rates were associated with blizzards I started agitating for having actual branches being flung around in blizzards and potentially trees collapsing. Not sure I'd want shelters getting ruined without the option to repair them, but that would be a pretty epic addition to the game.
  20. However Raphael has openly suggested the grand vision would be 4 seasons of TLD - one for each of the 4 seasons in our environment. In my estimation spring would be next, with all the potential for torrential rains, thunderstorms, flash flooding and humidity. Extreme weather would be amazing to see.
  21. I'd love more treasure hunt style note finding. Timberwolf Mountain is a good set up with the note and equipment in the mountaineers hut and the loot at the summit. It's guaranteed, but it would be nice to have some dynamic high grade loot mechanic. Most of the points of interest around the map are already there. Like the random bunker. The only thing that bugs me about the bunker is there are absolutely no clues to where it is/could be in game. If there were notes or hints, so you kind of had the potential for a few scavenger hunt style quests, that would be neat. I guess it would get pretty old quickly though. Timberwolf Mountain is a great place, but I don't think about the mountaineer so much anymore.
  22. Some more thoughts now that I've mulled this over for another day. I don't think Cabin Fever works particularly well as an affliction. @selfless sums it up pretty well. You have this amorphous risk rating, and unlike most other afflictions, it isn't immediately clear how to properly impact it. But Cabin Fever thematically fits in with a lot of other ideas that have been brought up over time. They centre around the concept of psychological wellness. This was once on the old roadmap, and Raphael made several mentions of a locket as an item that would be connected to this system. I'd assume there have been attempts to incorporate a concept into the game, but Hinterland just haven't been satisfied with the results so far. Perhaps it has been shelved to focus on other things. Reading the summary of ideas for CF 3.0, what has emerged is a multi-factor cause of CF risk, and a multi-factor means of reducing it. It also seems like there's a shift away from just focusing on hibernation. Focusing on time indoors versus time outdoors is too blunt. If we're not explicitly targeting hibernation anymore, are we looking at how to simulate a higher level need? I've been a bit sour on heading in this sort of direction previously. Mostly because starting from "a sanity needs bar" and thinking of uses for it doesn't appeal to me. But the more I think about the types of maluses people are suggesting, the factors proposed to add to and remove from its impact... Is this a system whereby if you are having a richer game experience - exploring the world, gathering resources, making the most of each day - you are getting a more restful sleep and in higher spirits, reflected through condition recovery and success chance at repairs/etc. If your worldview has shrunk to just 4 walls and repetitive actions, you become restless and fidgety. If it was a little more nuanced than just hitting a trigger and contracting Cabin Fever, but instead a mechanic woven into the game, that sounds pretty neat actually. But I don't know whether the range of current player behaviour makes it possible to construct a more detailed sense of what a "making the most of each day" looks like.
  23. My first instinct is that if a mechanic isn't adding anything, it needs to justify its existence. But I'm not assuming it isn't adding anything just because I haven't experienced it much personally. I'm also not assuming it couldn't be changed so it does add something. If we accept the objective as stated (emphasis mine): I agree with that. I raised a point about the tension between hypothermia & food poisoning forcing players indoors to rest, and cabin fever forcing players outdoors. That, to me, is part of why it isn't in a state of harmony and alignment. Others may disagree, particularly if they experience cabin fever more commonly just playing their way. But the way I see it, most afflictions are punishments for risky behaviour. Eating spoiled food, dashing across thin ice, staying out too long in freezing temperatures. Even sprains are a result of dashing with heavy loads over uneven terrain, or climbing when you're too tired. You know the risks, but you take them because there are rewards, or more pressing needs. You normally don't have the luxury of simply staying staying inside all day because of food and water. Cabin Fever comes about because there are no more pressing needs. It's safe to stay indoors, eating and sleeping. You've got it all under control, and so you're bored. Is Cabin Fever about trying to keep the game interesting when players are are risk of sitting back and feeling like they've done everything there is to do?