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  1. It's defined as an Alpha because the developers are still adding features to the game. When the game will be feature-complete, they will change to Beta, and they will work on fine tuning the experience and balancing the difficulty. They are already doing this, but obviously new features will introduce more elements and factors to the mix.
  2. I love videogames that manage to create atmosphere, and to make feel the player certain emotions. This is one of these games, and it's beautiful. I like the combination between the desire to explore and the struggle to organize the scarce resources at hand - decisions and risks and dangers: this is the core of a survival game, and The Long Dark has a great potential. So, kudos to the developers. Now, my two cents: - NAVIGATION: since a compass is useless (because of the geomagnetic event), it could be useful to resort to nature itself. I was thinking about moss on trunks, or using the stars (real starfield) to look for the North, when there isn't the sun as reference. - FOODS: looking at the tea i was thinking about other hot meals, like bouillon - you need water and meat after all, but I don't know if wolf meat or deer meat is useful for this. - DARKNESS: in the deep of the night the interiors are pitch black. Maybe the player sight could adjust after a while, with a blue filter (i'm thinking about Amnesia: The Dark Descent). Just a little more visibility. Or introduce candles: you can consume a match to light them, and they behave exactly like a match, but have a different duration, like 1-6 hours, and you can use them multiple times to light a fire, or carry them with you (but winds turn them off). - WINDOWS: most interiors are separated from the outside world, so the windows are opaque. I would like to "use" them to check the weather outside - I presume the noises reflect the current weather, maybe using a window the player could see a text message that hints even at the current temperature, so I haven't to exit, check the temperature and hurry inside after a second. - WOLVES: if a wolf is standing outside the house, the player should hear its footsteps or its breathing. Simple audio cues to understand if the wolf is still there or not. - RUNNING: I don't know if there is a limit for running (especially with high fatigue), but I would like to hear heavy breathing sounds (there's already something when the player walk on a slope it seems). And to add more troubles, running while fatigued could consider as a rare event tripping on the ground and standing up again in a few precious seconds. - PHYSICAL NEEDS: I agree with another poster who suggested this. I think that the interface allow to implement these needs in an elegant and non-graphic style. And it's another risk, because the player has to exit outside. Furthermore I remember that eskimos bring a torch with them to warm the body during the "activity", exposing private parts in such a cold environment is a great risk. - RANDOM MAPS: This would be great. It doesn't need to be randomized to the maximum detail - maybe it would be already enough to set several "spawn points" for the cabins/houses etcetera, and choose a different location every time (maybe use 20 spawn points to generate 14 building, and leave empty the rest or put burnt houses). I have read great suggestions in the other threads, as I was saying, there is great potential. The only thing I hope is that the developers keep that feeling of vulnerability, the struggle between man and nature. This game doesn't need a victory condition - surviving is a already a prize. Thanks for reading.
  3. Salve a tutti! Avevo già visto questo gioco tempo fa e quando ho visto che era in offerta su Steam ho deciso di acquistarlo. Devo dire che anche se è ancora in stato di Alpha, i soldi se li merita tutti. Ho un debole per i giochi che riescono a creare un'atmosfera precisa e a scatenare determinate emozioni, e in questo caso l'effetto è veramente riuscito: già solo il sentirsi ansimare mentre ci si inerpica su una salita, o sentire i rami piegarsi se si cammina tra gli alberi, rende benissimo la propria vulnerabilità, specie quando si sente ululare un lupo... C'è indubbiamente un grande potenziale che spero gli sviluppatori riescano a sfruttare pienamente. Già il fatto che ascoltino il feedback dei giocatori e abbiano introdotto delle feature che mi pare siano state suggerite proprio dal forum è un ottimo segno. Non ho capito bene come funzionerà lo Story Mode, dicono che è episodico, se non ho capito male sarà tipo un episodio per mappa e una stagione per gioco... in ogni caso spero che riescano a rendere il gioco moddabile, o perlomeno a creare un generatore di mappe casuali, va bene anche se la mappa è fissa ma vengono "rimescolate" le varie locazioni.