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  1. Atmosphere. That feeling of being on your own in a desolate, barren wilderness with only your wits and a few scavenged supplies to survive on. Major props to the audio team (or dude?) for really maximizing the atmospheric potential of the game.
  2. I only fish with tackle I've found, I never waste scrap metal or gut on crafting it. Lines break too much and it's just way too little caloric yield for the time and weight/effort, not to mention it's dangerous (blizzards / wolves) to be in a fishing hut for longer periods of time and it uses up too much tool condition as has been discussed. Is there any calorie difference between eating it raw as opposed to cooked? The values I noted down for calories per kg are these but I'm not sure now whether the fish were cooked or raw when I noted them: Rainbow Trout - 250 calories/kg Coho Salmon - 300 calories/kg Lake Whitefish - 250 calories/kg
  3. Seems hard to predict what Firewatch will be like since they have said very little about the actual gameplay besides the setting and basic premise. I'll tell you what though, that is one BEAUTIFUL website they have for it:
  4. I still haven't gotten my hands on this. I read the novel version of Starship Titanic (which Douglas Adams gave Terry Jones of Monty Python his blessing to write so long as he did it completely in the nude) and it was pretty hilarious although Jones' writing has nothing on Douglas Adams. Most people seem to just be listing old-but-popular games in this thread, not obscure ones, but I don't mind. I still play Close Combat 2 "A Bridge Too Far" which is a WWII tactical strategy game from 1997. Also from 1997 was a severely underappreciated Wild West FPS called Outlaws! made by LucasArts. I also really like Kings Bounty, which is the early 90s precursor to the Heroes of Might and Magic games.
  5. This I agree with. Being able to see that you have hands adds a lot to the immersion for me. Especially once the Oculus support is added, every little bit counts. Although the animation/art involved would probably be rather expensive for a small detail feature like that.
  6. Personally I'd love to remove the corpse sharing the Camp office with me. ICK. Amen to that. I mostly only care about being able to pick up rabbits to harvest later at home, but it would be really nice to get rid of the frozen corpse somehow. Whether or not the corpse spawns upstairs in the Camp Office in any game of mine is a huge factor in whether or not I make it my home base - but I guess that does add some atmosphere to the experience
  7. Yes, I believe you could dig snow shelters in earlier versions of the alpha and pre-alpha but I don't know why it was removed.
  8. Thats what I wrote dear You can definitely learn a little bit of nouns and things My German vocabulary consists about 90% of military terminology from playing WW2 games my whole life. FLAMMENWERFER! SCHARFSCHUTZE! etc
  9. I always lamented being a bit too young for the golden age of BBSes in the late 80s.
  10. Take a look at your task manager / processes and see what is eating all the CPU and RAM at those moments. Firefox (and Chrome) can both be gigantic memory hogs sometimes, especially if you have lots of tabs open for a long time.
  11. What Bill said. There are many factors that determine your performance in a wolf fight. Being encumbered, being fatigued, clothing type and condition, etc all play into how well you do against wolves, not simply which weapon you are using or how fast you click.
  12. +1 I would like the ability for small customizations on my home of choice. Especially anything that allows for better lighting - some of the best base locations are sooo dark inside. Maybe the option to light tiny kerosene lamps that provide less light and use much less fuel than the Storm Lantern and place one or two inside your base that can be fueled, lit and extinguished at will to provide some environmental lighting inside. Or even just candles. The point is I want some stationary light sources to add to my base that are not quite so resource expensive as putting down a lit storm lantern for the duration.