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  1. Sorry for being all macabre Despite the generous suggestions I went with a regular dead guy this time. That wil be the last for a while. Busy times ahead.
  2. I actually quite like that place( private cabin) since it has rabbits really close to the door( closer than trapper cabin) and I have seen wolves in that little rabbit valley or if you leave the cabin straight ahead of you( towards the corps that fell off the trail to the lookout) but they haven't been anywhere near close to the cabin yet in my experience. The wolves on that tiny lake look a bit weird yes but the do provide me with gut and a bit of meat ( I don't stay to harvest the complete deer there usually because it's too risky) If you're lucky you get a corpse( or two) outside, one inside and a metal container to put your stuff in. And Malak the rabbits can be found where the river meets the lake in that general area. Don't know if there's a place closer to it. Guess I'm an adrenaline junkie
  3. 68 on stalker, 95 on voyageur, both could have lasted a longer but yeah one error in judgment and you're toast
  4. Hi, I know we're supposed to post just one item per post but at least it's all related to the same thing What I personally would like to see is just a few lone wolves and a few packs. For the packs( 3 to 6 to many ) there would be one -alphawolf and the behaviour of all the wolves in the rest of the pack is based/linked on the alphawolf. If the alpha goes in one direction the rest follows in more or less the same direction( instead of just having three wolves sort of roaming in the same general area, completely ignoring eachother) So if the alpha spots you, you're screwed. Maybe the alpha would have a bigger detection radius then normal to make up for the fact that if the wolves in the rest of the pack follow the alpha and only the other wolves notice you( and not the alpha)not much would happen. The packs would have a much larger area to patrol than the loners, since they're able to defend it. The closer you get to the heart of their area or den so to speak the more aggressive they are. They would give off warnings first however, growling at you etc. The loners would be more likely to run from you. -They would run occasionally and not just walking in the same pace all the time( even when not chasing something) -This is really scary but they should be able to outrun humans always unless they are themselves wounded, freezing, fatigued etc. - If they can actively follow your trail, but this is more difficult in windy conditions, on ice etc. -If they would also interact with each other( when they killed a deer for example) that would be fantastic. -If they also have some sleep/rest behaviour - ( if they don't already do so to some extent: react to the weather) ( if they don't already do so to some extent: the more food you have on you or in your house, the more curious they are) - if they we're a a dark grey so they would stand out a little more against rocks( just a little) -and last but not least if they would notice they're full and stop eating ( even if you're watching and not only when you went inside somewhere) FYI, no real problems with current struggle system personally but something cooler is always better of course. That's it I think
  5. I finally noticed yesterday what is actually happening with the blood trails. They don't disappear, they appear. When you come to the end of a bloodtrail. Stop, keep looking around you at the ground where the blood trail stops and if you do that at some point you will be rewarded with the next part of the trail. I guess this is to simulate having to track the animal so naturally you would have to take some time and trying to do that while runnning is't really credible. Think it's fantastic but maybe a little too subtle since I almost played for 300 hours and only noticed yesterday
  6. Well just tried it in my last game, you DO need a jerrycan. Should've looked here a little bit sooner
  7. For me it definitely has something to do with the flatness versus mountains and the number of people cramped into one little tiny country. In holidays and videogames What Edrick says about internet presence also seems to be very true. We're like Australians in backpacker hostels. You just can't have the internet without a Dutchie present it seems. That why I thought it was strange there was no one on the Dutch part of the forum.
  8. I think it's definitely more an issue on voyager but on the longer games I've done in stalker I also end up with two or three guns. Currently started a game in stalker again and it hasn't been two weeks and I found two rifles. I haven't even been near the dam yet I think I covered half of Mystery lake so far. Coastal map untouched. I'll just repeat I've played a lot lot lot so yes that changes things.
  9. 20th of December so after last update. Alan Lawrance
  10. I though that if you harvested a lantern you just got one of those little bottles of lantern fuel? No jerrycan needed. It's been a while since I harvested a lantern though...
  11. I don't think it's possible to over hunt the rabbits. I collected over 144 pelts from the same location. Where do you put your snares? Anyone else had a drop in rabbits over time?