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  1. yes. I just lost a lantern fuel from the transition zone in back of the dam. Found some lantern fuel which I was so excited because I have none stocked up (now I know why). When I got home the lantern fuel was not in my inventory. I am guessing that is why I have almost no lantern fuel.
  2. Does anyone know if the Pacifist Achievement is ruined by setting snares or fishing? I was thinking of trying to get some of the achievements and wondered if anyone knew.
  3. The House on the edge of town with the fireplace burned down. Who did it? I was planning on using that as my main base this time. I was using the house on the edge of the map with the fireplace but the single wolf has turned into 3 wolves with my increase in difficulty. Not a huge problem with the porch protecting me from being jumped but I have only one bottle of antiseptic this run and I can't afford mistakes. I am debating trying the Jackrabbit island house but I really hate that there is no inside stove.