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  1. The mental gymnastics here are absolutely stunning, shall we defend any company that uses disingenuous business practices just because we like their product? Shameful
  2. You seem to be shilling out for Hinterland, I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you as it's likely akin to bashing my head against a brick wall. I'll leave you with a question, don't even bother replying as I won't read it: If there is a massive community outrage, does that mean that the community is stupid? Or does it mean that Hinterland is terrible at communication?
  3. It's not a scam in that they won't get their money's worth, it's a scam in that they duped people into thinking it was going to release and all the people who were curious about the game went out and bought it only to be slapped in the face with a 3 month waiting time.
  4. I've seen nobody wishing ill, but that's odd since Hinterlands clearly doesn't respect their community and buyers by intentionally trying to generate sales with the countdown and midweek madness. If anything they're wishing ill on us
  5. You just going to pretend that whole countdown didn't happen?
  6. It's still not ok, you knew what you were doing
  7. Because they heavily implied that the game was going to be released with a load of new content, when in fact, they just built up a false hype train to generate sales, it is completely sinister, do not be a blind fanboy, these practices should NEVER be supported.
  8. I have no doubt that this was intentional to get people to buy the game before the stupid countdown timer finished making people think the game was going to come out of early access and be released at full price, so in essence, Hinterland scammed steam buyers. I cannot believe this community is filled with people defending such a deplorable move.
  9. I can't believe Hinterland actually stooped so low as to scam midweek madness buyers by making them think the game was about to release with the countdown. You knew what you were doing with that countdown timer, absolutely shameful.
  10. So I tried running this game with nvidia surround and it's incredible, the immersion is so perfect for a game like this But as you can unfortuantely see, the hud is displayed on the far right and far left of the monitors, making it incredibly annoying to look at. My request: Add hud safezones that can be configured in the options, allowing players to confine hud to the central monitor (or wherever their heart desires) (would be nice if this also worked on the menus too), I don't imagine it would be incredibly hard to code, and it would be a HUGE nod to those of us who want to experience this game in the most immersive way possible
  11. Just wait until you hit 150 days then get the perfect storm, advice: pleasant valley is a death trap, sprint through it
  12. These aren't new players though, these are the top reviews on steam and they have 100's of hours, I'm not sure how they can't adapt to the learning curve after so much playtime
  13. The people leaving these reviews are all crying about how the game is "too complicated" yet they have 100's of hours, I've played this game since the only areas were coastal highway and mystery lake, keeping up with the new game mechanics was never complicated to me. In fact, they were welcomed as they added much needed difficulty. The only thing I can sympathize with is the "failed release dates" but even then, if they paid attention to the massive overhauls we've already seen for so many game mechanics, the delays make sense. TLDR: I'm salty because people are nitpicking this game on steam.
  14. Let's not forget the good ole naked wolf slayer, I agree with your post 100%