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  1. Yeah, I noticed the sound design is janky too. If I'm starting a fire when the wind is blowing, the firestriker noises actually make the wind noises duck noticeably. And it kinda hurts my ears. I think a lot of the sound effects got absolutely overcranked, and now they're fighting each other for the limited space and starting to clip each other. The snow whumping sounds always scare me because I keep thinking I'm being charged by an animal out of nowhere.
  2. I'm up on timberwolf mountain, and I watched a wolf chase a deer behind the Mountaineer's hut. Considering I had been struggling to hit anything with my bow all day, I thought I'd seize the opportunity. But the wolf had killed the deer on a steep slope, and I assume it died and clipped through the ground. The wolf was still "eating" it, and eventually birds showed up, but there's no visual clue of the carcass being there, and I can't access it. So I track down the wolf. It runs to the west side of the lake, up a slope, then running along a slope to its right. I plug a second arrow into it, It dies and clips into the slope. Taking both of my arrows with it. So I wasted all day and got a net negative. Pretty frustrating for me.
  3. I bought a controller basically just to play this game. It's an afterglow xbox 360. I was really excited, the d-pad could have the gun, flare, and lantern. But I'm getting frustrated with the freeware used to map controls. I'm thinking I should get x-padder...It seems like the easiest one to use. Other configuration things are really difficult for me, since I don't know what the sliders and z-axis would be. Compatibility would make my life so much easier right now.
  4. Every time I play this game and need to skirt around a wolf, I get so confused. I can tell which way the wolf is walking when I'm perpendicular to it's body, but when I get closer and break that certain angle, I seriously cannot tell which direction it's walking. It's like those shadow mind games, where it shows you the spinning woman and if you think about it, you can change which way she's spinning. Once I can't see the tail, It's just a blob shape with moving legs. Is it walking toward me? Away? Should I be ready to shoot, or is it going out of my path? I think a really easy fix for this would be to make the wolf model have a grey underbelly, many animals have a lighter fur colour on their neck and downward. It would be an easy visual queue: If you can see the lighter fur somewhere in the blob, it's moving toward you. Otherwise, it's moving away. Maybe I'm the only one that really gets this because my computer isn't really powerful and the highest quality i can manage is medium. :roll: But I think this would save me a lot of paranoia.
  5. Yeah, adventuring is like *Walking up hill* SUFFERED SPRAINED ANKLE *Peak of hill* SUFFERED SPRAINED ANKLE *Walk down hill* SUFFERED SPRAINED ANKLE What the crap. You shouldn't be able to sprain several times in one minute. The way I sprained kinda makes sense, jumped off a ledge carrying 30Kg. But the character is so... not agile at all.
  6. I was trying to emigrate to the coastal highway, and approaching the derailment, I saw that there were two wolves patrolling the area. I have this mentality not to use bullets unless I'm gonna track down the animal and eat it afterwards, so I decided against using my bullets. Especially because I had somewhere below ten. So, using my avatar's very, very poor climbing skills, I decided to walk on the right-hand cliff to avoid them. But the wolves apparently have spider sense, because I was way above their field of view but still within a few feet of them horizontally. So one noticed me, but it couldn't climb up to get me. The wolf disappeared somewhere and I couldn't see it anymore. What I didn't realize at the time was that the cliff had some overhang, and it was actually underneath of me. So I got as close to the ground as I could and stepped off, effectively spraining my ankle and doing 45% damage. Oh, hello wolf! And thus ended 40 or so days. :roll: I feel like the gravity is too high in this game. Or maybe they're trying to be realistic with backpack weight.
  7. Or, a quick fix to this problem. Add the pelts to a the harvesting menu. So technically it's still leather, but you're still using what you have and it's not just sitting around.
  8. I am hopeless at shooting deer. Are they supposed to leave a blood trail too? Or can I seriously not hit them? The one time I did shoot a deer, it was stuck running against a cliff. And then a wolf was eating a deer right around the corner, and I was really inexperienced and tried to save bullets or something, but died instead of having three carcasses. Haven't landed a hit on a deer since.
  9. Yeah, I totally agree with all of this. I think line and gut could also be interchangeable for repairs, especially considering that you make line out of gut. More craftable clothing would be nice. Making clothes is a nice project when you're bored like I usually am. I think it would be cool if rabbit pelts could be used for larger things, but would take more time and pelts, or mixing and matching. E.g, I have a rabbit pelt sized rip in my jacket, I could use a little bit of a wolf pelt, or rabbit. I don't have the leather for two complete boots, but I have enough for the soles and the rest could be the 134 rabbit pelts I have in the freezer.
  10. I mean, I don't mind math, but if I'm playing videogames then that means I've already ignored my homework.
  11. Yeah, that makes sense. I also recently had a glitch where none of the wood stoves inside ice fishing shacks would let me start a fire. But it was fixed once i gave up and came back in an hour.
  12. Ok, But how about I do math all day at school, don't really want to do it in my spare time.
  13. Yeah, It's such a pretty area. I agree, but I think if there was a better climbing mechanic, this would be easier to achieve. *Cough cough rock climbing gear*
  14. Seriously? Everything on here has already been suggested? Why do I even try...