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  1. Ok the last updates effectivelly ruined my whole gameplay and i will probably not play anymore until youll fix it because it pisses me off. Yes its more beautiful, but its less ready for publish than ever before in last 2 years. Most important things: The wolves are like some focking SWAT unit, its not fauna anymore, they camps at strategic places and are SO unrealisticaly agressive, i have to play it like some corridor action arcade game Time is too quick to have fun with it, i literaly see light "sunsetting" before my eyes, WTF?????? (i dont care about UI change, cu
  2. So we are supposed to get well made torches out of the campfires again? Where those beautiful branches disappeared?
  3. Yeah and i like it so. Most of the fucked up games novadays are fucked up by marketers and their deadlines. Developers always keeps polishing until its perfect.
  4. Interloper has too aggresive and frequent wolves, its like in the middle of main square full of wolves at lake sometimes... But it has my favorite loot config. I would like to have Interloper with rare wolves, that would give me real sense of loneliness...
  5. Pleasant Valley Farmstead, this is the Fence in front of you if you go out from kitchen through Veranda
  6. You have to work a little to see such beauty in LD without penalty Yes i love current version as much i did some of previous before a 2 years ago... (But this one is much better.. this one is far best of anything before!!!!)
  7. I am maybe psychopatic, because i love to arrange things around. Even tools like hatchet and matches or clothing before i go to sleep
  8. HI guys, i just want to say, this is off topic. 2016-12 version of LD is best ever. Problems with cabin fever are gone and now. I'am your biggest fan forever now!
  9. I am asking every player around where you like to keep your rifle when you put it down I like to put it on table upstairs just in the front of stairs.
  10. Understand you very well.. And agree with you about wolves aggressivity, while i was rather talking about how many wolves is in the game. Right now i have about 20th day in Voyageur, spent till about 15th day in semi-blizzard all the day, every day, from about 10th day wolves was too common for me, so i started to think hmmm, this looks like game scale now too linearly, that doesnt look so good for me.. But now, about 20th day, weather changed its ways rapidly, now i have clean day often and some days, i dont meet one single wolf for whole day, while traveling and exploring. (includ
  11. But this is rather very different settings than what i wrote, so it doesn't looks like +1 for my comment...
  12. Hi HInterlands. I understand you dont want to give us option to tune our custom difficulty settings yet, because you are getting more quality feedback with limited difficulties and a lot of other developer's reasons, so i would like just to lobb for another "realistic" difficulty settings. I tried Interloper and i hoped for more than one day this is it, but then i found wolves are too aggressive and common to believe. The reason why i hoped this is it was because scavenging difficulty was for the first time so close to what i would believe this is really how it should look like in
  13. What? You changed main menu based on current time without real update of game? Merry Christmas! :)
  14. Great update HInterland! I love the game again! You really made me hiding of wind behind trees, sort my clothing to strategic sets into closets, drying ma pants on chair, i simply love it!
  15. Hi Patrick, thanks for so quick response I am sure i will return, because this simply doesn't make sense, i am sure it will be optional feature at final and even if it wouldn't be, mods will make me able to remove it for sure. have a nice day.
  16. Sorry for topic just about this new feature, but i believe its really important, because this is the first time you added so bad feature to the game. Please give us almost option to turn this nonsense off. Or can you imagine someone at 5% of life without any sleeping bag available how he'll rather freeze to death outdoors, than sleep eaten in the warm bed in the cabin???? I was always searching for most realistic difficulty available which was pilgrim, because stalker was like digital game from 80's where you did slalom between cars (just here you have to do it bet
  17. I dropped book at further pillow at pleasant valley farmstead, but cannot take it back. We should be able to reach as long as we can by drag-dropping items
  18. Hey guys, it would send my game experience even closer to heaven if the game would implement inventory system based on crafted/found bag item. You could have only one from smallest ones (like those found in various cabins) to crafted lets say from bear pelt, deer leather etc... You should of course start without any bag, so you would have pretty small inventory and need to let many things laying around... You could have some starter bag based on your game difficulty.. Hardest difficulty could even start just with your 2 hands..
  19. I like mostly max difficulty (stalker?), but because of one thing i play middle-one. The wolves at stalker difficulty are unrealistically frequent, i love how rare there are at middle one.
  20. I just went back here after several hours to say this version is very best version of LD i played. And its because of balance of fauna and weather, i really love it now, because it feels to be very logic and alive now. (i play medium difficulty) Keep up the good work :-)