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  1. On my most recent playthrough, I was playing on Voyager difficulty and noticed that the Wolf AI had become MUCH more aggressive than i was used to previously. I haven't played in a while, so I expected some differences, but nothing quite so drastic as this. Twice now, I've fired a shot into a wolf, only to have it continue to charge at me and attack. In addition to having a wolf not give one hoot about the torch I was waving in it's face. I understand that some variability in the behavior of the animals needs to be in place. But I feel like I'm playing on Stalker mode, not Voyager, with this sort of behavior. Some indicator of what makes the difference between the two, be it the time of day, or the weather conditions, would go a long way to relieving the . . . frustration I'm feeling with this. I realize, also, that this could also just be a bug.
  2. Let's Play Summary: 'Profesional' Survival Expert John Shepard goes on his latest adventure, traveling to the northern Canadian wilderness in the dead of winter in order to film the latest season of his Youtube survival guide series. But something has gone horribly wrong . . . [bBvideo 560,340:31i8mpkp] [/bBvideo]Day 1: Shepard finds himself in the wild, though already things seem to not be as planned. Then he makes some startling, and grim, discoveries. Just doing a fun little let's play of The Long Dark, roleplayed, of course, for the amusement of doing so. Let me know how it is, and what you think of it.
  3. Longer range would certainly be rather nice. If we were trying to hunt with a handgun, I could see the short range being something sensible, but this is a rifle, after all. I should be able to hit a target that's across the clearing near to Trapper's Homestead.
  4. So this has happened a few times now, where I'm following a deer or wolf I've injured, and while I'm looking at the blood trail it completely vanishes. Just goes poof, bye bye. The first few times, I thought I might have just stepped off the trail and lost it, so I back tracked, but the whole trail had seemingly evaporated into thin air. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with the critter despawning or something, since I couldn't find it at all after that, no matter how hard I looked.
  5. I think this'd be more the realm of mods, if mods are ever enabled.
  6. This strikes me as something that'd be more an event in story mode, and MAYBE a random sort of event in sandbox mode. Find a wounded wolf, or perhaps a dead wolf mother with some cubs, and make the decision to nurse them to health.
  7. The rifle should totes be the the one that hangs on the wall in the homestead. Easier to see.
  8. On the one hand, I like this idea because it makes sense, and the Trapper's Homestead is my fav place. On the other hand, the Trapper's Homestead is my fav place because it's literally THE BEST place to survive once you've got your gear in order. Once you've gotten enough things to maintain your equipment, and enough ammunition to hunt/scare off the wolves, you literally have no need to move beyond the homestead. And putting the bear trap there might not help it's OPness.
  9. The problem is that pilgrim also reduces all other challenges. You get colder slower, you grow hungry slower, you grow thirsty slower, etc. In Pilgrim mode, you can have an extremely long term game without switching off of using the found food items, and because the wildlife is passive, you are under no threat whatsoever. The only kindof sort of danger is maybe getting lost in the cold, and that really only if you make a stupid mistake. Some of us, however, would like the environmental challenge still, but would prefer to worry about wolves a little bit less. I will, however, note that in the games current state, once you get your hands on the crafted clothing, the cold is virtually a non-danger unless you get caught out in a storm or during the night/twilight. In full, top condition gear, you can actually WARM UP during the warmer hours of the day. So if you survive to that point, then it becomes the wolves and starvation which are your main concern.
  10. The good news is that the craftable clothes are all so warm that they all but mitigate the need for good jeans, or underwear.
  11. This actually happened when I was tracking a Deer for me. Shot it and started tracking it, but the blood trail disappeared after a few yards. I did eventually find the deer, but there was no blood trail to lead me to him. I basically waited until he walked back into the clearing and croaked.
  12. The ability to craft equipment, be it either superior or inferior to found equipment, is something that I personally feel is not just essential to survival in general (as scavenging can only take you so far), but also vitally essential from a game play standpoint. This point was driven home to me in my most recent, and best, playthrough. After finding the rifle, and setting myself up in the trapper's homestead, I was able to gather enough materials to craft all three of the fur clothing items. And while this was invaluable from the standpoint of giving me clothes that could stand up to the cold, and would be repairable using completely renewable materials, the MOST value I found from the crafting was simply the fact that it gave my character something to DO when the weather was bad, and my supplies were good. So I'd like to sum up the points that I feel make a strong case for craftable arrows (at the least, a full craftable bow would certainly be pushing it). 1) It adds an element of preparation, and a feeling of doing something, much like crafting the clothing currently does. Your supplies are good, but the weather's bad? Make some arrows, not like you have anything better to do with your time. Right now, once you have the clothes, all you can do in such a situation is just sleep, which to me feels like wasted time. 2) It adds some forgiveness. Random Number God can really screw you over in this game. If you get a gun, but only find 2 boxes of ammo in the whole game? Things can quickly move beyond the realm of the 'challenging but fun' into the realm of 'Welp, guess I'm just gonna start a new one and hope RNG likes me this time.' Craftable arrows would mitigate that considerably. With that as an option, now you could press on, hoping just a little bit longer that, hey, maybe I find a bow, or find some stuff to make some arrows. Turning what would be frustrating before into a surmountable challenge. 3) It simply adds options. Games, fundamentally, boil down to choice. And an exploration/survival game especially should be about providing as many choices as possible, as well as the consequences for those choices. Say the bow doesn't do as much damage as a gun? Well, you might be wishing you brought the extra firepower. The bow and arrow both weigh more than rifle and bullets? Well, now you can't carry as much. The Bow is harder to use. It fatigues you to use it, and burns more callories. All of these things together mean that we need to weigh our options between the two (or more, if more are added) weapons. Ultimately, I feel that the pros far more outweigh the cons. In that the only real cons that I can see are a matter of SoD (which I don't really feel would be THAT stretched by the inclusion), and the potential to make the game 'easier' which some might feel would be against the spirit of the game.
  13. It could be interesting once the GMSs effects are more fleshed out. They've mentioned that electrical things might come back on or off at odd times, radios coming back on, TVs flipping on, etc. If the same could happen with the generator, it might permit you a little while of warmth and creature comforts, before it shuts off.
  14. Not to complain too hard, after all, It is supposed to be the easier mode after all. But I found when I was playing it that it quickly grew dull. None of the risks or dangers of Wanderer mode seemed to really be present. It feels less like training wheels, and more like turning the game into one of those 'walking simulator' games, where you're just exploring and looking around. Not that those are bad, but I don't think that it works for The Long Dark. Personally, what I'd like to recommend is something a little more balanced closer to Wanderer mode. The passive threats, starvation, thirst, and the cold, should still be present in equal parts, I feel. But the weather should be a little more permissive, and the wildlife a lot less hostile. But not completely in-hostile, maybe. If wolves could be programmed to defend their kills, or to attack to a wounded or weakened player, or to simply be more bold in numbers. Just generally, less of a barrier to the player and easier to avoid, but still something you want to avoid if you can help it. That would be perfectly in keeping with the 'training wheels' feeling I feel that Pilgrim mode should have. Anyway, that's my two cents. I'm loving the game either way. Thanks for all the great work so far!