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  1. It works, but it's very dangerous. The path I'm using is much safer. But yeah that's the fastest. The fastest way off a roof is to jump.
  2. I guess it's called Secluded Shelf not ledge. I'll try to make a video if I get the time. Leave the cave at the Summit go right. You'll see a hill you can slowly descend. Got down a little and head right. You have to get around the mountain a bit. You can see the rope to get to Secluded Shelf if you go down too far. You have to jump a couple of rocks to get down. Then head down the slope from Secluded. If you keep left you end up before the cave (if I remember right), keep right and you end up after the Open Cave. All points are shown on this in game map. I'll see if I ca
  3. I know it's not a fix, but I have found at least one way down TWM never using a rope. It's possible to descend from Summit to Secluded Ledge, and then down past the open Cave. Average run I sprain an ankle and wrist, but I've made it down that path enough that there's only wood left on the Mountain. 5 runs or so. I still think the mechanic is convoluted, but my no ropes way is the fastest down I've found.
  4. I applied two doses of Old Mans Beard and Antiseptic, and the lowest my risk got was 30%. Oh well, that game is dead now. What I can say is my 30% risk wasn't cured by either Old Mans Beard or Antiseptic. Multiple doses at that state didn't do anything. Maybe you can only cure so much at a time? I'm not sure, and that character died.
  5. Because it seems Old Mans Beard and Antiseptic don't cure it any more. It treats it to 30% and that's it. Next day it was 90%. I guess if we struggle with a wolf now it's just a slow death, even if you survive.
  6. @Doc Gonzo Not really from what I see. Unity itself is somewhat mod friendly, if you know what you're doing. The Long Dark is as moddable as any Unity game, but that modding requires a lot of work, and tools. The code is easily moddable, but it's in a "Highlander" fashion. "There can be only one". The current code wasn't designed for plugin interface, Even if Hinterland implemented an external DLL loader, they don't seem to have an appropriate event/message callback, or any other way to hook up a code mod. You could use some built in Unity interfaces. Because Unity uses Managed C
  7. There's a shovel already built into the game, but without a glitch or mod you can't get it. It's on the title screen. If you get a glitched save you appear on the title screen. There you can pick up the shovel. It's entirely useless however.
  8. If you had Dysentery that is what killed you, the other things are symptoms. With dysentery your thirst goes down quickly. A normal night sleeping 10+ hours will leave you thirsty. Dysentery makes your thirst deplete faster than even that. You also must use Antibiotics or Reshi Tea to stop the condition drop.
  9. If you're severely encumbered I've found walking down an incline also speeds you up, and that increase remains thereafter until you stop moving.
  10. This game is already moddable. There are tools and tutorials for modding any game made using the Unity Engine. The only reason modding is not as prevalent here, as it is on other Unity game sites, is because Hinterland specifically discourages "unofficial" modding, and the discussion of such. I, and many others, mod the hell out of this game. We just don't talk about it.
  11. No, Just Voyager. I don't really play Stalker. Either Voyager or Interloper.
  12. I've done it a few times. I try to set up a challenge like living only on Timberwolf and getting all the achievements, or never using the rifle (which nets you at least one achievement). I'll probably try it at Forlorn when when the next update comes. I'm trying to finish my Timberwolf run before then, only need to catch a big fish, kill another bear and make a bedroll, and 200 days (I'm at 149 I think). When I get better at Interloper I'll probably reset and give that a go too.
  13. I can kill 20 wolves and still get that achievement. Only if you actually kill them in a fight does it block the achievement. If the wolf bleeds to death from damage sustained during a struggle you still get the achievement. I've gotten this achievement at least a dozen times (I like to reset my achievements and see if I can get them all in a single play through). Your journal will say you killed a Wolf, but it doesn't count unless you deal the deadly blow.
  14. Actually, the wiki does show it. It's at the bottom of the page listed under "Materials".
  15. I've never found a skill book in the Tail Section. The Fishing one in the Ice fishing hut, and a random one (Cooking or Shooting usually) in the Mountaineers Hut are the only places I've found a Skill Book on TWM.