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  1. So i have read alot of people talking about whit ifs when the spring/summer comes in the long dark. Is there even going to be any other seasons? I personnaly feel like the game is pointing towards permanent winter... This can be explained by what ever disaster has plaguaged the earth or more realisticly just this portion of canada. All as a result of this mysterious aurora. what are everyones thoughts on the possibility of different seasons or the long dark is a winter survival game...
  2. Just wondering if there is an offical app available for mobile devices that we can access the forums on?
  3. ive only had the chance to use the bow once so far. I was near death and really regretting my decision to hunt fully expecting to track down a deer for a decient amount of time, but to my supprise i landed a head shot (right above the left eye) and the deer feel within an instant. Not a deer hunter myself but i didnt think it would work out that way...
  4. "So your telling me there's a chance.....YEAH!" -Lloyd Christmas
  5. Any news on the ps4 version? Had no idea the xbox1 version was out! I've been away from TLD for a little too long
  6. So I recently took a three month break from TLD and when I returned all I can say is WOW! So many improvements! I think what I like the best is the GUI of your inventory. I loved getting a glimps at our survivor backpack. Torn to bits and looking used to the extreme. I was wondering, if we had to put a size limit and style specs on this bag what would it be? My guess is a 50L internal frame. But if you are packing a full load at 66lbs with two bed rolls and a jerry can maybe it's bigger. What do you think? Also keep in mind, first aid supplies seem to be kept in a separate bag.
  7. Hey all, Any word on when we might see game pad support? I realize there have been post from the dev about "eventually" but just wondering if anyone has heard any specifics?
  8. Hello All, Just spent the morning some posts and it seems like a lot of you brave the outdoors and sleep outside. I don't think I've slept outside once. My longest run has been 15 days, but death is due to wolves so I cant really pin down what in my play style keeps getting me killed. Anyways like the title says, I don't know what to do with my bedroll. I typically like to sleep indoors because its warmer and that's where my supplies are. Plus, I don't really like the idea of being out at night without a fire or a fire that burns out in the middle of the night. The bedroll is heavy and if I don't use it why keep it? Am I missing something? I normally keep it in a fishing hut just in case. What do you all think? How often do you sleep outside and why? Convince me to stop sleeping in others peoples beds!
  9. Just to reiterate, I successfully tracked a wolf before. We had the encounter at the waterfront cottages and I followed him all the way across the lake to misanthropes. Thats where I had my revenge. I did have him in view the whole time so idk if that made a difference.
  10. I know that the tracking a bleeding wolf was tuned with the new update yesterday, i was wonder how was it changed? I got a wolf down to 20% health and he ran so i started to track him but the trail dried up almost instantly! I was at the gas station and by the time i got three houses away the trail dried up. Suddenly a wolf (which was nowhere in sight) came from around a building, naturally i thought this was my wolf as i had been hot on his tail. Wrong! Wolf with full health almost killed me. Am i to assume that the wolves regenerate health over time? Not this quick though. so it must have been a new wolf. Anyways, i felt the tracking was almost impossible. Has anyone experienced this with v.181?
  11. True wolves don't behave like this in nature, perhaps they are smaller and act the way they do due to the natural disaster that put our survivor in the predicament he's in. So however the devs explain the behavior is up to them bit yeah risk for the wolf should be included, ex. Crazy survivor with a flare and noise, not a chance or a fatigued hungry cold encumbered survivor game over its dinner time
  12. do you store your cloths during sleep and or waiting around indoors?
  13. how concerned should i be about this? currently ive only lasted 15 days at the most (stupid mistakes get me killed) so when my clothes get down to about 85% after the five day mark usually, i repair it all and my sewing kit (1 out of 6) is at about 65%-45%. im guessing for the long haul, 100+ days i should be concerned?