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  1. Just want to thank @Raphael van Lierop and all the Hinterland team, for pulling off such a great console release in the face of all the challenges they experienced. As some one who has been eagerly awaiting the PS4 release of TLD for months after being unable to play on steam. I have to say that it met and exceeded my expectations. I hope everyone enjoys their long over due rest and I eagerly await what ever you have in store for us in the future.
  2. I could definitely see something like that coming in future updates. Since the dev's are planning on bringing in season somewhere down the line. They are going to have to introduce other methods of cooking to take advantage of seasonal wild veg. So with that, I expect a follow on will be dried goods such as rice, seasonings, stock cubes etc left over in abandoned in kitchens. Perfect for making Hobo Stew. Its the quiet apocalypse, when the lights went out and the long dark descends, I very much doubt those that fled had any interest in taking rosemary and sage.
  3. True they are good enough to give condition levels of equipment. However IMHO the items conditions deteriorate far too quickly. For instance, a whetstone should be able to restore a Hatchet to 100% a couple of times before it wears out
  4. I'll have to see if you can do this on the PS4, I was trying for ages last night
  5. Well it would be nice if the sling would allow you to kill a rabbit since that would be a step up from the basic stone. A more basic sling could be made from braided cloth, easier to make but far less durable, it would simply make it easier to aim stones A leather sling should allow you to kill the rabbits
  6. It would also be a good way to make use of bones salvaged from deer or rabbits.
  7. I have been wondering though how a perpetual stew would work in sandbox mode. In story mode, Gray Mothers house sets up the precedence for a perpetually burning fire. since it is to be assumed that Grey Mother keeps the fire stoked. In sandbox mode, this would be quite difficult and quite heavy on fuel to have to keep the fire burning round the clock. It could quite possibly be done if You had a stew/soup pot that you may have to find or craft. The stew inside it could be allowed to cool and then be reheated when you had more ingredients to add. But if you let it go cold for too long it
  8. @CitrinePeridot Have to agree with @TROY the first chapter of the story mode is a good intro to the mechanics of the game It really helped me when I started playing on the PS4. I didn't have the chance to play for months on steam as the updates required more spec than my laptop could provide.
  9. I too was really surprised that Smoking fish, Jerking/Dehydrating or simply Salting meat weren't among the first methods of preservation they introduced in the game. For instance, they could have a slab of venison or rabbit 'cure' in a similar manner to hides. But requires the use of salt or a brine. The salt could be acquired by boiling off water or salvaged from the environment where honestly it should be some what plentiful as it such an important staple. that I can guarantee you would be found in every kitchen on Great Bear. The salted meat would then take X amount of time to
  10. Great idea, cold weather always makes me think of Brown stew and hot spuds. It could also make a great mini side quest in story mode. Have one of the NPC Manning a Perpetual stew pot. So long as you can keep putting ingredients like raw meat / Can Meat, mushrooms and water in the stew pot every day, Your character would get a warm meal (providing a greater number of calories) and the warm bonus associated with it. As well as the heat from the cooking fire. In addition to trust points with the NPC to further expand on the story.
  11. Congratulations... That a great haul of gear. I probably only managed to amass about a third of that playing for 35day before updates nuked my save file.
  12. I myself and I'm sure many others would appreciate anything that you could do. I'm almost wishing I could go back to the last stable version of the game I was running, though I'm not sure if that is possible through steam.
  13. Having checked my hardware specifications, it appears that my system has only 256MB of VRAM. Despite this prior to updating my version of the game, I had no problems running the game graphics or game speed wise.
  14. Hi shmoo, Seems I'm in the same boat as you. I'm running a MBP Mid 2010, 13inch, with 8Gb of Ram and finally have had the time to get back to playing TLD. I've never had problems running the game on my system however now every time I try to start a game at mystery lake it seems to spawn my character indoor and when I attempt to leave the room the game freezes on the loading screen. I'm sorry to say I haven't come across any solutions. Hope Support can sort something out soon. regards Amon