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  1. I can say that I believe AMD is the biggest multi-monitor company right now. They've always had better support for it and continue to improve features for it as well...way more than Nvidia. Also, yes, it should be added and it's not difficult to do with Unity. I know PLENTY of Unity games that even support it by default (even cheaper games that I KNOW weren't built for it, etc). So yeah...Should just be a change of FOV and some other minor things...people make new profiles for programs like Flawless Widescreen hours after a games release. It must not be something too major to fix. No having proper multi-monitor support is, honestly, one of the reasons I haven't gotten the game yet. I don't like playing survival games without my peripheral view...DayZ, Breaking Point,'s definitely needed! Thanks and hope support comes soon...the sooner it does the sooner I will bring my support!