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  1. Yeah I don't really have enough time to make more of these maps. Back when I made the original set I was unemployed but now I work 12 to 16 hours a day with about 4 days off a month. If you want the original Adobe Illustrator files send me an email at the email address I put on all the maps. I made the maps by cheating and stitching together a sort of low earth orbit satellite imagery style of screenshots. After that I traced the topographic features and approximated the elevation change. If you want to know how I did this, email me at the address I put on the maps. I don't really check PMs so that's not a good way to get in contact with me. Hopefully that answers most of the questions about the maps that were directed at me without breaking bethany/hinterlands don't talk about how to cheat policy.
  2. lol I have a job now so I don't really have free time to make new topo maps. I came on to see if anyone else had made a map of the new area.
  3. Yeah I don't check the forums that often. I'll add the things you listed Hylander. Probably final update.
  4. Any rain map would probably have to drop back below freezing at night to punish you for getting wet and not drying your cloths. I thing an urban map with lots of tool and cloths resources but little to no food or wild life would be cool. You could really put a dark tone on the game if a village of 500 people all starved to death and froze to death. Really sell it and put an airstrip in town implying the town lost it's resupply when all the planes stopped flying.
  5. Nine Inch nails Or this long mix of Nine Inch Nails quieter songs. I'm in a nine inch nails phase
  6. I was just sent a screenshot confirming 2618, 1868. Not sure if it's been spotted yet.
  7. @elloco999 I didn't realize they randomized stuff on the new map. I assume it's all the structures except signal tower and the big farm? I'll add a note to the steam release but I'm not sure how to show the randomization. @hylander I saw your map and cross checked my map against it to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Probably the best other map I've seen so far.
  8. Version one is complete There is one unconfirmed bunker location that was given to me at (2335, 1142) if anyone can confirm it with a debug screenshot please do. As promised here is all the responses I got to the Google form. Thanks to everyone who helped. ... 1g/pubhtml
  9. Still coming along. Expect valentines day and job application stuff delays (unless any of you want to hire me. )
  10. +1 Hopefully. Then we can end the item xyz should be in the game debate. Bonus points to the first person to add a Santa Claus suit to the game. Extra points if you take it off a dead Santa
  11. There is definitely hacks. Just use the leader board as a way to record your own best survival time. Anyone who logged game 5 in game years is probably cheating because you would get board first if something else doesn't get you. lol
  12. *argh* I was in the process of creating a map including precise elevation, contour lines and a hillshade / relief base layer based on the elevation data I got from capturing gameplay video with the debug HUD. I wrote a Python script that runs each frame of the video through OCR for text recognition in order to extract the coordinates and elevation, and import the point cloud into QGIS to georeference it and interpolate contour lines from it - and it was working really well Is there no way you could bring back the debug HUD, or maybe a hotkey that when pressed dumps the current coordinates to the log file? You got me beat. I tried taking elevation coordinates every 50x50 grid square to make exact contours and realized I didn't have the patience for it and went back to eyeballing it.
  13. The reason I can see to add more firearms and ammo types is to force the player to pick and choose and to better represent the diversity of guns out there. Whether you want to add other WW2 surplus rifles or shotguns or revolvers or modern all weather stainless steel and polymer guns the biggest problem I see with the way it is now is that 303 Lee Enfield is not the only rifle owned by Canadians. If you surveyed 100 Canadians and 10 of them own firearms they probably don't own 10 303 Enfields.