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  1. Here is my first episode back! Thanks for watching everyone
  2. Thank you, I am glad to be back, when I played before there was only one save for the whole game, having multiple saves is awesome! I look forward to exploring and making videos
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to do a quick post letting everyone know that I have returned to The Long Dark, starting this upcoming Monday, July 25, 2016 I will be posting a new series for The Long Dark. I have posted several videos in the past, the most popular being on where to find the bunker locations for both Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake (I plan on updating these) feel free to subscribe and check out my channel! Idea Playz Youtube Channel
  4. Yeah they probably moved it slightly like they did to the one that was inaccessible in Clear Cut. Still close to the old area, anyone who looks in the old area should see that the bunker has moved slightly.
  5. I had a viewer comment on my Mystery Lake video that he believed the bunker located at 1172, 110, -072 is now in a rock and that the same type bunker spawns close to that area but not at those exact coordinates. When I made the Mystery Lake video I did not have coordinates on so I cannot confirm that 1172, 110, -072 was ever the correct coordinates to being with, since all coords are player submitted I always just counted them as approximate. There were also some posts on Sniper Bobs steam guide of players finding other locations at Mystery Lake but after looking at the coordinates posted t
  6. I've notice that when I drop the decoy meat it does drop the best meat in your inventory which is well good but I was wondering if it can also automatically decide to drop the lightest portion? For example: I harvest a ravaged deer carcass and get 1.4 KG of venison and get approached by a wolf, when I drop my decoy it drops the 1.0 KG not the preferred 0.4 KG. Isn't more ideal to drop the lighter portion since we lose the meat now? Just a small suggestion
  7. Heya thanks! Cannot take too much credit, LMG was doing a similar challenge around that time too which was my inspiration but it was definitely fun! I am glad you like my videos Thank you for watching!
  8. Hi from Nebraska, what drew you to the game is what drew me in also. I lived in Ontario for two years and after lots of moving around, my Canadian hubby and I relocated to my home state. The hubby likes the Midwest, says it is the closest to Southern Ontario that he has experienced living in the States. Welcome to the Midwest and the forums!
  9. Risk - The game that will make you lose your friends... Actually lost a friend playing an intense game of Risk a long time ago, I took his territory, he said I dropped the dice and did not roll, we argued and never spoke again. I blame the game of Risk Now I just play Civ if I want to get my world domination fix.
  10. lol, you want cougars! Ok, I will take cougars as well, I was just thinking the Canadian Lynx can hunt the critters like the bunnies and we can hunt them
  11. Hi! Don't leave There are farms in Northern Canada, I know, you see the American flag by my Country and think what do you know lady!? But I married a Canadian, he is from Ontario and his family is from Northern Ontario, and I am told that I am a honorary Canadian. I never really thought of the game being centered that far arctic north, which would have stunted trees, no farms, etc. but more like Northern Manitoba, Alberta, BC, something like that. My hubby doesn't play and that is where he thinks it is all happening when he watches me play. They don't specify an exact location just "Nort