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  1. I feel it's like some sort of "Art style" of this game. You don't even have a hand on torchs or guns like some other"non-full body simulated" FPS games
  2. It happens too quick I didn't make a screenshot. A Fluffy noticed me and I was fleeting, then it got a sudden short swap and staring to rush to me. location as the map shows.
  3. My opinion: explore and draw a map all on your self. Maybe there could be a "free draw" tool for someone don't want to put a pen and notebook in front of keyboard... BTW, where the igloo goes....
  4. I feel that the range is approximately the same, but the behavior changed from stalk you with slow speed then give up overtime, changes into tracing you faster than you can run then eventually get you.
  5. I feel that wolves are more "interested" in torches rather than "scared" by torches... When I throw a lighted torch to wolf, it just stops at where the torch is, not fleeing...
  6. I do like the new behavior, but it really makes your first day much harder. Especially consideration that we and fluffys are sharing the same taste of settle spot :?
  7. May need some side effect for balance? like condition drop after a while?
  8. Either offical or non-offical 3rd part mods would be good, I can't wait for my "summer vacation" on a noman's island :mrgreen:
  9. Just Goodbye to a world with no sewing tools, short on matchs and 2 rifle with 20 rounds after 47 day of struggling, I start my new death with somewhere I got 8 sewing tools, 90+ matchs while found no rifle in trapper's home at day 1 :?
  10. Also water, the first time I play the game and get dehydrated, I just wanna crash the ice and get somthing to drink
  11. Just save on quit would be good for both who need save and prevent abuse
  12. I'd say just leave the map drawing for player him/herself would be better...
  13. 38days there, tinder can be barely foraged but somehow still enough, my problem is only less than 20 match and 2 sirker with only 39 and 19% of it's condition, no glass. I once try to keep fire 247, but that runs out of fuel way too fast than foraging.
  14. The rate of Dehydration should get lower when sleeping as hunger
  15. It's 30th day and I can be freeze to very poor condition with 2 hour forage outside at middle of the day, while I'm running out of tinder, no lucky with 4 day hunting the bunker either. It seem I can't make it to 50