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  1. Hi Trandor WOW, I’m impressed, this screenshots are a great base for a precise map, THX.
  2. Hey Mossy Toes Thank you for your opinion. From the beginning I was sure that this map will be not precise and incomplete. Without the game it is very hard to determine the geo directions and distances between the core locations. In game you have the information’s about wind direction, that helps in navigations. And you can count the distances in steps to build a map in scale. By the way, very nice map, I like you notes on the edge of the map. In the YT videos I also don’t saw any bunkers. My suggestion about the last 3 pictures in The Long Dark gallery on Stem is, that are new locations there are coming in the future. When you start the game, you choose you survivor and then the region. The second region picture, with coming soon, shows a bunker. But for me that is more a mechanic shop, with the tires and tools.
  3. Hey, First and important thing, I don’t played this game yet, just watched some videos on YT. This is my impression about how this dark, cold world looks. ... 6745747985