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  1. Вступайте в группу http://vk.com/thelongdark , она более менее адекватная, по сравнению с другими.
  2. + русский, нас уже трое
  3. Would it be possible to find item in inventory by typing item's name or first letter? For example: I need to find hatchet - I open inventory, start typing word "hatchet", type "h" - i can see all items with fist letter "h" in their names. Similarly with next letters in word ("a" , "t", etc).
  4. Is it possible to add a thermos in the game? I think he should be in this cold place. The player will be able to boil water and make tea or coffee, etc. Thermos can lose heat every hour, for example. Hot drinks can warm the player.
  5. Is this official public in vk.com? http://vk.com/thelongdarkgroup