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  1. Thank you ... and please post them if you do!
  2. Speaking of wolves. This was headline news in one of largest newspapers today: Jytland is the largest landmass of Denmark, and 68% of the total total size of the country. And it's the only place in Denmark where a wolf has been spotted.
  3. The Ravine is not actually a death trap, but a real path between the two regions. The trick is to walk on the rail to cross it
  4. Continuing my post from the earlier Alpha where I played around with loads of lanterns, here are a few screenshots from the Coastal Highway. Full gallery: Previous post: Full previous gallery:
  5. Thank you for listening Hinterland, and for the quick 'balance update' !! Much appreciated
  6. Thanks Burning Bridges about the "Wolves are not meant to be an enemy you actively try to tangle with".
  7. Yep... but still... this is not (or it shouldn't be in my opinion) be a game about escaping from predators. There are too many zombies games for that. BTW: I was just killed by a wolf... again... but I did manage to find a rifle in the middle of nowhere.
  8. I definitely agree with you on the wolf to deer ratio. And I would prefer it to be much higher than that. I would love a game where wolves are only something you see on very rare occasions, while deer and rabbit being somewhat more frequent. And I also agree on the 'flight on sight' to increase to being the default unless they feel threatened. Especially since a geomagnetic storm wouldn't have any impact on the normal living conditions of the wildlife, so there is no reason why wolves would act more aggressively (or seek out populated areas). I don't like the idea about a message alerting me. Part of the allure of The Long Dark is that you don't know, so you have to look yourself. It's also why we shouldn't have a mini-map to look at, or other such UI widgets.
  9. So, just adding my voice here about the new wolf situation. It's just completely out of hand. They are everywhere. I started up a new game and there were two wolves circling me. And the whole game now feels like a 'dash to the next house' instead of an actual survival game. Every single time you step out of a house, there is a wolf right around the corner. So I started a new game, and there was a wolf right in front of me. So I started another one, and there was a wolf. And another one, and there was a wolf. I love The Long Dark. I absolutely love the new map. I love how it's connected to the old one. I love the new coastal town. I love how the game is both incredibly relaxing and wonderful to play after a long, stressful day, while also having an element of constant suspense. I love how it's more about survival than running around hiding from dangers. But everywhere you walk, there is a wolf patrolling the path. These wolves are just like zombies. This is insane. As someone said (can't remember who), this is a 'thinking man's game'. This is a game for people who strategize and plan ahead. Part of my annoyance with the wolves is also that I don't live in a country that has that many wolves to begin with. I live in Denmark, where we only have about 4 wolves in total... in the entire country. When someone even spots a wolf, it's often mentioned in the news. I would prefer a game where I could turn off all the wolves completely. The wolves don't add anything to the game for me. It's just an annoying distraction from the far more exciting game of strategizing about your survival. Another part of the problem is where the wolves are. There are very few wolves out in the open (where you would expect them to be), but they are almost always clustering around the habitable zones. That doesn't make any sense to me, but I'm no wolf expert. The coastal town is like the wolf base. Shouldn't it be the other way around? So, if you guys don't want to change the wolf situation, please add a "no wolves" option in the options menu. Oh... and BTW, I finally managed to start a game without being surrounded by wolves. I went to the first cabin... rummaged around for food, went back outside... and was killed by a wolf. But once you leave the habitable zones and venture into the outbacks... the Long Dark is just spectacular!
  10. Completely agree... the wolves are crazy dominant on the new map, a situation that is made even worse by how impossible it is to find a rifle. I wouldn't mind as much if the likelihood of finding a rifle was higher (wolves provide a loads of meat), but with no rifle, the coastal town is pretty much off limits as a place of refuge.
  11. "That sky... It's like nothing I have ever seen before...zznn..." "Lost you there Marcy. Say again." ...zznnns... "What the hell just happened?" ...[Plane dies] ... "That's not good" To be viewed while listening to this... (Just playing around while waiting for dinner to finish...)
  12. So, I was just exploring the outskirts of the valley when I fell through the map ... and when I looked up, I could see the entire map in all it's glory. Unfortunately, due to the draw distance, no objects can be seen.
  13. Thanks Alan! ... but it's all thanks to your even more amazing game!