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  1. Hello to one and all My idea was that having found a bottle when the water had been drunk that instead of the bottle disappearing, that in would be carried until such times as it could be refilled. By melting snow, holding under a waterfall, standing on dry land near thin ice, the toilets and the fishing holes. This water gathers this way could be unsafe therefore would need to be boiled to make portable. (aemaccoll) As for being harsh I have started the game 10 times and each time I spawned without food or drink Regards to all and enjoy
  2. Hello to one and all How about Water bottles They could be found and then carried around by one, to be filled by boiling water then, when empty continue to carry until they can be filled again by boiling water or (maybe later) by catching water from the waterfalls! Or standing on land near thin ice The more bottles one has the more water one can carry! So if one drops the bottles no water. Regards to all and enjoy
  3. Thank you for your reply, help appreciated. I will now go and hunt wolves (or is it the other way round). Regards to all and enjoy.
  4. Hello to one and all, I am thinking of buying Cyberpower Armanda Pro Intel core i5 3.4 Ghz Ram 8 gb HDD 1000 gb Graphic card geforce gtx 650 with 1024 mb Windows 8 Will the TLD run on this? Any comments please? Regards to all and enjoy.
  5. Hello to one and all I'm English an old'y living in France, and I'm new to all this so if I make a fool of myself don't laugh I've bought the game now I need a decent machine to play it on! Best wishes to the developers great game from what I've seen on youtube. Look forward to lots more fun (when I get to play it) Regards to all and enjoy