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  1. I just finished Wintermute episode two, I must say I am loving this game, but I also hate it. The bear is my biggest concern, I think it need to be adjusted so it's not to difficult.(like a respiring bullet cache) I wondering since when I go on trips away I take my thermos, or travel mug, why doesn't will have one, and uses a can instead, it make more scene that way. I also love the Aurora, it's breath taking, any plans to add an aurora mode where you can just chill and watch it?
  2. thanks, i guess i have to do the side missions
  3. I having a real hard time in episode 2, are there any changes to animal behaviour, (especial if I'm almost dead) that you can add to help out, bullets are certain animals are an issue, thanks. I am loving the game, I just finding this one spot way to frustrating.
  4. I will try that dang that bear tough, die like 6 times, found some bullets
  5. got that now i'm at the bear, just ouside the cabin after going through that dialog that bear will not leave, and I'm out bullets
  6. it looks weird now that there communicating via text
  7. I'm not saying animate, I'm saying just add voice dialog, other games have done this
  8. I seem to be out of bullets, and I'm doing the hunting lesson, killed one dear, any suggestions on where to find more, or how to take out a deer?
  9. As I playing through Wintermute, it seems strange not to have voice dialog for the initial conversations, and only have it in cut scenes, seems to be somewhat of a disconnect. I get there's text to read, but it seem more immersive if the characters actually spoke.
  10. go to the machine shop, there you find the work bench, use it the it send you off to the lodge, where you find the thing you need above the fireplace, but first look in the basement
  11. Thanks, still hilarious, I keep looking around, I am really enjoying this game, the wolves though, and the only thing I been having major issues with, but I am learning, and plan to not use any guides for this.
  12. Yeah it's tough I figured this out but alittle late and now I have no pants, and die from attacks quickly, how do I make pants or find them, in Milton.