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  1. Guess I'll have to play through Story Mode again. Can't wait for the spear to make its way to survival mode too!
  2. Agreed. But the mechanic of being able to pick the rabbits up is fantastic. You shouldn't have to skin/gut a rabbit in a blizzard when you can run your trap line and haul back 3-4 rabbits to clean in your shelter. I don't know if it will translate from stoning rabbits to trapping them, but it should. Also, having cleaned a few rabbits in my life, as long as it isn't frozen solid, it takes just moments to clean a rabbit...
  3. Darn... that is what happened to me. I opened the firewood box before I walked it, I wonder if that had anything to do with it... I was wondering what the heck was going on.
  4. jwcarlson

    Fuel Sources

    Mauled by a bear, blood everywhere? No problem. Smoke a pipe? Teen rating.
  5. Thanks... have owned the game since the beginning, registered here for quite some time, but never really looked in. Kind of surprised to see a lack of "pre-early access" badges, but seems like a pretty dedicated base.
  6. If I start storing my meat outside (just had a lot go bad in the freezer inside the cabin) will get eaten by wolfs or attract wolves? Rethinking my initial "support" for the idea. I'm only at like 35 days on this current play-though and some of the meat that just went bad had to have been at least a week old... maybe more. Putting it outside would likely make it last "forever" or near enough for the game. We eat wild game meat from a deep freeze for over a year after we process it, so with most of the in-game temperatures I could see it being pretty accurate. You could use sno
  7. I agree with Don, fishing seems "too easy" or perhaps too rewarding. I can go ice fish for a few hours and not get a nibble in the real world. The amount of calories in a decent ice fishing haul in The Long Dark is too high (my opinion). Totally agree you should be able to drill anywhere. And an auger would be a huge pain to haul around, so that's an added "negative". Along with less shelter.
  8. Buckshot at a couple feet is going to take care of the job on a wolf that's for sure. Now, talking just slugs is a different story. It really depends on the ammo and if 'birdshot', the choke. If I had to pick which to try to hit a wild animal with when it's charging me at close range I'd take the shotgun every time. At about 15 feet you're talking a roughly 10" pattern with a cylinder choke. Down to about half that with more restrictive chokes.
  9. The meat I keep fridge/freezer ages a lot faster than the stuff I just went back and got out of the metal container at bottom of the steps at Hibernia Processing plant. And it's been there for 15+ game days it was still above 75% I think. The stuff in the fridge/freezer drops lower much much faster. Which makes sense. The trouble is good outdoor storage. I don't think I want to just toss it all on my deck.
  10. A craftable sled would be awesome. I've got 120 pounds in meat/food/drinks alone at my cabin on Coastal Highway right now. About day 30. Need to head back from the Rikken forge with my 30 arrowheads and a bunch of other stuff I left behind when I moved from Hibernia to Coastal Highway. The only issue I have with these types of things would be them 'making the game too easy'. I don't want to start the argument, but part of what makes TLD a blast to play is all of the constant struggles between resources. How much food do you bring for a three hour walk? It's warm out right now