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  1. I have been playing this game for years without being boned. I don't know of a way to select the graphics adapter being used and I would suspect it is tied to using an external monitor. something caused a change. An update from Hinterland? An update from XCode? (I'm a developer) An update from SDL2 Library? I wish someone could tell me. And yes, with the latest update today (2020-01-20) it is still happening and it makes the game unplayable. I play with an intel graphics card at work, but on Linux and it works fine.
  2. No glitches on my external monitor. I just found out some additional information. I hooked up my external monitor (a 27" display for MAC) that I do not use very often. When connected to this external display it uses my Radeon Pro Graphics Processing Unit. And.. I get no glitches. The built-in Intel GPU I get glitches: Intel HD Graphics 630: Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 630 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 1536 MB Vendor: Intel Device ID: 0x591b Revision ID: 0x0004 Automatic Graphics Switching: Supported gMux Version: 4.0.29 [3.2.8] Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily2 v1 But the external GPU, no glitches: Radeon Pro 560: Chipset Model: Radeon Pro 560 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x8 VRAM (Total): 4 GB Vendor: AMD (0x1002) Device ID: 0x67ef Revision ID: 0x00c0 ROM Revision: 113-C980AJ-927 VBIOS Version: 113-C9801AU-A02 EFI Driver Version: 01.A0.927 Automatic Graphics Switching: Supported gMux Version: 4.0.29 [3.2.8] Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily2 v1 Displays: LED Cinema Display: Display Type: LCD Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA - Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array) UI Looks like: 1920 x 1200 Framebuffer Depth: 30-Bit Color (ARGB2101010) Display Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: Supported Automatically Adjust Brightness: No Connection Type: DVI or HDMI Adapter Firmware Version: 7.95 Not sure if it helps, but usually the more info, the better.
  3. I keep seeing misplaced items or floating items in PV from time to time. Nothing game play affecting. Here is a car battery without a car. This is before the Errant Pilgrim update.
  4. Having this issue as well since Catalina. I don't really want to downgrade. I also performed the update available today 2019-12-11 and it still happens, no change. It is only fullscreen. If I start in windowed mode, then use the (+) button to go fullscreen it immediately starts happening, but when I bring up the border menu again (the border that on the top has the (X) (-) (+) buttons, or steam overlay it goes away. When the border slides back out of the way and it goes back to fullscreen the flickering comes back. Man this is annoying. I've been using Nvidia GeForce NOW to play the game and have no issues while playing that way, but that always depends on a solid 50mbit connection to be smooth. Please spend some time on this issue! I've been googling my brains out on it. All kinds of forums suggest its a vsync issue or a color depth but everything has been unhelpful. It doesn't happen with any other game I play frequently. No other games do it so far (American Truck sim, Stardew Valley, Rimworld, Stellaris, Subnautica, Return of the Obra Dinn, Surviving Mars to name a few are all ok at full screen). If it helps MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Intel HD Graphics 630: Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 630 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 1536 MB Vendor: Intel Device ID: 0x591b Revision ID: 0x0004 Automatic Graphics Switching: Supported gMux Version: 4.0.29 [3.2.8] Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily2 v1 Displays: Color LCD: Display Type: Built-In Retina LCD Resolution: 2880 x 1800 Retina Framebuffer Depth: 24-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Automatically Adjust Brightness: No Connection Type: Internal
  5. What WIKI or forum software does hinterland forums run?
  6. I've enjoyed discussion. I hope it sort of honed down what I actually brought up into something workable. Perhaps the aspects of accidents that already exist (sprain mechanic, rifle precision sway when tired, etc) are sort of already taken care of. I was hoping to expand that idea to a newb trying to use his regular tools and hatchet to make a bear bedroll might leave with a few cuts (a bandage and some pain meds later.. or rest and he'd be fine). It just seems more authentic. Alternatively, you could have it take longer, but I feel that the crafting time is already long enough. This is an idea I would hope does NOT become a mechanic, but more influences the crafting part of the game as a reasonable effect of using sharp tools while you are tired/exhausted/hungry. In any case, thank you for all the input.
  7. Serious accidents while crafting could depend on skill level with level 5 meaning you would almost never have an accident. Wood chopping accidents could depend on cold, energy level and wind. Accidents could happen during any activity that uses any sharp or heavy object: crafting, mending, or forging as well as during any proximity with fire. Accidents could be minor with mending like a small cut at worst. Major accidents could happen while cutting wood that could lead to results similar to frostbite: permanent condition loss or complete loss of a limb (like a sprain but permanent). a bandage could be used to recover as well as antiseptic and pain killers in the normal way. The hammer might be unusual in the way the way that it might cause a rib break or bruising whereas sharp objects cause punctures or cuts.
  8. I have arthritis, low vision and hearing issues. I really appreciate you giving careful consideration to these issues. I use the one click open. I've been trying out the holding down to struggle too. Just a quick thanks.
  9. Long time gamer but gave it up for a while because I'm not interested in zombie hack and slash. I've had a lot of fun with TLD especially checking out the new area and hunting with the bow. Loren MJ's Let's Play The Long Dark
  10. This is difficult to duplicate, but I think this is what happened. I was trying to cook 1% wolf meat. I think the meat disintegrated while cooking. It caused the rest of my fire (50M or so) to be used up and nothing I could do about it.
  11. Just tested on v.124. At very low resolution on my MAC: 1. open any inventory screen 2. click on any item (it doesn't happen if I don't click an item) 3. then close my inventory screen. I will be looking directly at whatever I was right before I opened the inventory screen. 4. then, if I move my mouse in any direction.. Result: the mouse jumps to left and up a significant amount maybe 200+ pixels. Very disorienting. In full screen it is worse. At 640x480 and full screen, every time I do this and close my inventory screen I am looking straight up. I have captured a video, but not uploaded it to any service. I open several inventory screen and then wait, then move my mouse and you can see within a single frame my mouse has jumped a few hundred pixels left and up. always left and up.
  12. Which version of the game are you running? Ah! Steam just updated the game and yes, confirmed. Shoes are no longer Michael Jordan sized. And candy bar is depressingly small again.
  13. Just a few minutes ago. The candy bar happened yesterday though.
  14. When I drop the shoes and/or candy bars they appear on the floor at about 100x their normal size. See pic.