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  1. Gratz on your first child! Please disregard our discussion about babies as a source of tinder in the General Discussion forum! Enjoy what little time you get now because it actually gets reduced when the kids get older! :twisted:
  2. Well, I think my point was more along the line that twigs could be considered a source of tinder, particularly if you have matches or a lighter (which I DID have on me in the playthrough when I froze to death because I ran out of Newsprint!) Even so, when I wrote "twigs" in the original post, it was sort of a generalization meaning "lots of materials in this here forest that I SHOULD be able to use to start a fire!" I admit it, your rather terse reply placed a chip on my shoulder and the discussion turned to twigs and the definition of tinder instead of focusing on the original point. And then babies got burned. Anyoo, I still love you. :lol: Oh but accurize2 has a good idea! Maybe different types of tinder offer varying modifiers to the chance of success of getting the fire started. For example, twigs would be VERY low while pine sap would be much higher.
  3. Thanks! Oh sure, still interested in playing more TLD but summer is just plain rough on my playtime schedule so I have to be picky about where to spend what little time I have! Otherwise, I'd play a helluva lot of TLD and try to master it! Sadly, I'll only be able to dabble in it periodically :cry:
  4. Patch notes? I looked around (I promise!) but couldn't find anything up-to-date. THX
  5. Sure, your definition of "tinder" is correct. But you're still sorta missing my point. We're talking about TLD and freezing to death with matches in my backpack while surrounded by trees, with bark, twigs, moss, sap, needles, etc. Surely I can get a fire going if my life depends on it, regardless of what Wikipedia says about the word tinder.
  6. Oh geez! Not looking to get into a debate but you CAN use twigs as tinder. My point is there's definitely tinder options in a forest and not being able to, say, strip the bark from a birch tree with a hatchet seems a bit of a shame.
  7. Is paper the only tinder material? Surely we can forage twigs from the forest! I would hate to die of freezing or dehydration because I can't light a darn fire in the woods because I lack tinder.
  8. Please allow Frank Zappa to explain: