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  1. Where the backers can have their steam code ? I can't wait to test the game EDIT : Found, thank you
  2. At the moment of the installation yes it will make works, but, after that, the road repairs worker will be sufficient. The solar power manufacturers will replace the tarmac manufacturer and the repair workers will probably stays the same number. Software upgrade don't take a lot of poeple. And don't forget to think like a moro... governement. Plus the cost of the installation initial installation will probably discourage most of the countries. The problem is not the technology in the world, it's the economy and the fear of the changes. If it seems expensive, if it seems risky or if it seems too original, no one will take the risk to use it in a big scale. I won't talk politics or economics problem, that's not the place for and I don't know enough to talk about it, so I'll just say that.
  3. completely broke for now. No money for that. x)
  4. Oh yeah sorry I didn't read correctly the title. Do anyone knew/know soulblade ? It's in fact the first soulcalibur before soulcalibur, on PSone, and I find it way better than the next ones. I noticed that almost no one played it or even knew it. That's a shame because he had really good ideas, like the fact the weapon could break if you block too many attacks.
  5. Even if it was so perfect, that would never work. The power plants, the snow removal workers, and a lot of jobs would be lost if it would really work that well. So even if a beautiful utopy, I don't think we will ever see that one day on the road.
  6. That makes me remember about dead island. A portion of the story makes you walk through the sewers. In it, you can finds cans of soda and chocolate bars, that's already a good "WTF", but that's nothing compared to the fact that your character eats and drinks them. Who would be stupid enough to eat a chocolate bar found in a sewer full of zombies ? >_<"
  7. Personaly, I see it more like "the grey" movie (the one with Liam Neeson), am I right ?
  8. I would say narrated, if it spoils too much, I will mute the video.
  9. I think it could be interesting to see what each of us liked and disliked in the survival games (or games with survival side) we played. For exemple in the game the last of us. I liked : - The design, everything looked great, abandoned, dirty (maybe not enough, but I won't be picky) - The handmade weapons. Piece of sharp metal, tissue and hop a knife. - The weakness of the characters, they never were too powerful, every fight was a fight for survival. I disliked : - The over-use of firearms, seriously, it's been twenty years since the last gun and the last bullet was out of production. How is it possible to have 15 minutes of gun fight. Bullet should be extremely rare. It's my opinion, maybe I'm wrong. - The "berserker" enemies. Like in most of games, human enemies take 3 bullets in the body and still try to kill you like if they got spider bite. And even when you have killed 8 guys, the last two still stay there, not scared at all and run to you like mad men. - The end of the story, but that's doesn't have any relation with the survival. That's it for today, I will think about other game with survival side for another day.
  10. Hum, I would say. - A balloon with a smiley on it named Winston - A fat boy into an ice cube with a note "wake me up when the Wii comes out" on it. Okay the last one isn't really mobile, but it could be funny in a "secret" place. But I don't think it could fit with the ambient.
  11. Yeah and I didn't imagine some could back so much project.
  12. Oh my god, I forgot total annihilation I spend hundreds hours on that game. Okay I take back what I said, THIS is my favorite game of all time.
  13. I wont disagree and I'm pretty scared they stay focus on their current "state" for the whole season five.