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  1. Yes, I am sorry you did not get a Steam Award. You would have desserved it in several categories. But it is harsh to compete against these AAA games. My first post on this forum dates from 2013.11.8! Hinterland has done in this 5 years with The Long Dark a very nice game. It is so atmospheric that I like to come back to this game ever again. It is a high quality game! And in my opinion in its niche (survival without unrealistic stuff like Zombies or so) it is the leader. I like the gameplay decisions made by Hinterland. And because of its quality, uniqueness and replayability - I think - it is still worth to put more content in it. Many thanks to the whole Hinterland team for your hard and quality work! Merry christmas and happy new year
  2. If you like the challenge and adventure of surviving in the north this movie is a must! I just discovered and saw it last weekend... And it's about a bush pilot crashing..! Maybe this post should be moved to TLD
  3. Yes I meant visually. Well the success of a game first depends on story and gameplay than visually realistic countryside. Thanks for clarification..
  4. Ice. You take it into your hands. Could be moulded into a lens, which will concentrate sunlight into fire. Hm? $ Nice idea!
  5. Same here and to the OP, you don't NEED a Knife or a bow to light a fire. Once you have the "wood stick" you use the **rub hands together** running down the stick, then with quick hand movements you move your hands to the top again and do it all over. The trick is consistent speed. Ok, did not know that. Wasn't aware that it is possible without a bow that easily.
  6. I think @foxpyt is wondering if knowing how to do things in real life will benefit in game, though I am not entirely sure Yes thats what I was thinking about. In fact I hope that the game will be as realistic as possible. But maybe I am wrong
  7. I would take the rope or the Toboggan which has a rope. I would need the rope to make a bow and with the bow i can make fire (see my discussion how to make fire). #2 choice would be the shovel which I can use as a knife and an axe. But it is easier to make a knife in the wilderness than a rope. But I need a rope to make fire. Maybe I don't need fire immediately to survive but I will need it in long term and it would make life much more easier.
  8. Every piece of equipment which allows you to survive or to make your wilderness life easier needs - know-how to make it and - raw material found in the nature. So to make fire you actually need (in this order): 1. a knife 2. a cord 3. a bow 4. wood-tools to make fire So you need know-how to - make a sharp blade e.g. from flint - make a knife that the blade can be handled - make a cord - make a bow - wood stick to make a fire together with a bow. All this knowhow can be looked up in the internet but in the wilderness it is an asset. Will this know-how also play its role in the gameplay?
  9. I hope TLD will have a realistic world. Maybe something like in Maybe also hunting - which could be part of surviving - could be similiar. In TheHunter a bow can be used. But I hope that in TLD the world is much bigger. Maybe grows in a generic way like in Minecraft. Of course computer power and budget has to be respected.
  10. Because if I were a Game designer I would design a game like TLD. At least what I think what it is gonna be. Its one of my dreams to life in the wilderness. This year I did a trekking for about 90 through the Lapponia (north of Sweden) wilderness. I loved it. I like very much nature, animals, backpacking, adventure, challenges... Looking very much forward to play this game.