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  1. I was thinking - what if you had the ability to shout and make noise at wolves? Some of them might run away, some not...and some could eventually get used to it.
  2. Congratulations! A pleasure to lose my spot on the leaderboards to you.
  3. It does seem like tools and clothing are decaying at a rather high rate - things wearing thin or wearing out very quickly.
  4. "Obviously a crowbar should never really break (I've never heard of this happening), certainly not to open lockers. More likely you'd mess up the locker to the degree that you can't open it properly. " You know, you should also have a risk of hurting yourself doing stuff like that. I could see myself cutting myself on a hatchet or getting a bruise trying to hammer at something with a crowbar. Not a permanent, life-draining injury, but a quick % hit.
  5. OMG...maybe there is more than one. MAYBE THERE IS ANOTHER!
  6. Really? I noticed it disappeared when I left it. Bug? Or intentional?
  7. Located! I admit that I stopped and stared, and then I started to laugh. And then I started to fill my pockets. It was amazing.
  8. I'm still on the hunt for it. Nothing yet.
  9. I'd like to see the repair amount increase as your skill level goes up. I got up to 88%, but still could only fix my gloves by 20% each time. I'm a knitter...the better you get, the less you waste and the better your repairs are (knitting even, tight stitches as a proficient knitter gives you a warmer sweater than the first holey scarf you produce).
  10. Friends, I give you... THE 36 DAY RUN. Always, always, always look under beds. ALWAYS.