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  1. I played through Monument Valley this weekend. It was a really short game, but one of the prettiest and most relaxing I have played in a long time. A great iPad game and worth a look. With only 10 levels and fairly easy puzzles it only took a short time to complete. I hope with success they produce additional levels. Also picked up FTL again. That game is so darn fun! I am terrible at it, but don't mind the challenge of going back into it and seeing how far along I can get.
  2. Day Z.... Meh. An update to the game Rust. They have removed zombies, so now it is no longer a zombie survival game. Might be a little more up your alley now.
  3. @robdoar Have you tried Rust? Seems a bit more survival and a lot less zombie. Granted, it still has some of the elements of DayZ. Still in Alpha, so a long way for it to go, but worth a look.
  4. I think it might be interesting to have radios included, but in a slightly different way. Perhaps by finding radio frequencies in notebooks or carved on a table throughout the game you could switch to those channels to hear a bit of what is happening. Maybe music would be playing through occasionally, but mostly it would be fragments of news reports. Don't forget -- most "electronics" have been knocked out... there will only be very short bursts of uncontrolled power available [during various aurorae flares] Very true. I retract my previous statement!
  5. Starbound just did a massive update which they say means no more character wipes, so that means it is time to restart my character and see what I can find out there in the depths of space!
  6. I think @Nic has made some good points and you cannot really trust people in this type of scenario. While you don't think tagging players is realistic, I think it partially helped in DayZ to identify trolls and "non-cooperators" by marking them as bandits and changing their name color to red. Although, thinking of a multiplayer mod that could be interesting would be to create one based on the short story The Most Dangerous Game. Would make for a creepy game. A bit off topic, but it just popped in my head.
  7. Oh man, the more I read of skills and then listening to the Gone Home series on my drive home, along with the challenges my parents have had in Charleston, West Virginia with the drinking water crisis I realize my life skills are lacking. Note to self: have a rucksack in my car just in case because you never know.
  8. I don't think that having the music play over a radio or speakers actually fits with the story line of the game. I think it might be interesting to have radios included, but in a slightly different way. Perhaps by finding radio frequencies in notebooks or carved on a table throughout the game you could switch to those channels to hear a bit of what is happening. Maybe music would be playing through occasionally, but mostly it would be fragments of news reports. Possibly you would get a message of someone needing help and this would be an optional side mission if so desired. Maybe it would give warnings of dangerous areas, so you don't wander into something more than you can handle at a certain point in the game.
  9. My only concern is that with multiplayer it devolves into the types of things I see in DayZ and Rust. I don't like that it ends up being a "trust no one" mentality, rather than a game of teamwork and surviving the elements. Maybe it is just me, but when I play a multiplayer game it is to cooperate, rather than troll others online. Perhaps this is something that could be resolved by having the option of PVP damage or not, like in some of the cooperative games out there (or servers for that purpose). I want to build community, not break it down.
  10. Two games that finally came out that I had also backed: Broken Age - Act I was a lot of fun. Definitely not the same level of challenge that you would have found in the old LucasArts games, but if you play for the story and the humor you will enjoy it. Don't expect too many mind bending puzzles. The characters are pretty clear with if you need something from an area or not. 4 hours of leisure playing and listening to the story to finish Act I. I look forward to Act II. I like that the Point-and-Click isn't dead. The Banner Saga - Stoic has made one of the most beautiful games I have played in a long time. The hand drawn artwork, the music and the battle tactics have me sucked into this one. I am only a few hours in and can't wait to jump back in when I am done with my work day. These are times when I am reaffirmed that Kickstarting quality projects is 100% worth it! Watching them being created from root to flute and feeling like I have been able to help in their creation (even if it is in a small way) is a blast. I have the strong feeling TLD with be right there with these two.
  11. I follow a few different sites that report on games and one of the frequent complaints people have seems to be about the length of games. This popped into my head when it was mentioned in another thread that The Witcher 3 will have 100 hours of gameplay. I started thinking about the cost of buying a game and how much play time I might get out of it. Personally, I always find it frustrating when people say things like, "Only 4 hours of gameplay? That isn't worth $20!" I have trouble understanding that line of thinking. I remember when Super Mario Bros. was $40 on the NES and you could speed run that in a matter of minutes! People grumbled a bit, but the sense of fairness didn't really come into play. Maybe it was because the console was so new and exciting or maybe I was just too young to really notice. I was in 1st grade when the NES came out, so that very well might be the case. I try and put it into perspective of my everyday life. If I go out to dinner with my friends and have a meal and a drink I have already spent $20 (at least) and that is for a couple of hours of conversation and laughs. There is no replay value in that, but I am still willing to spend the money. So, why is it I wouldn't look at a game with a similar frame of mind? $20 for more time, a great story (like Gone Home) and replay for free, if the mood is this not a great deal? I will admit that I have a hard time spending $60 on a game, but a lot of that has to do with being burned by impulse buys that I regret after the fact (COD: Black Ops was a terrible decision). But when it comes to indie developers creating new and exciting games I can't justify waiting for the price to go down because they tend to be a lot smaller and the money has a much bigger impact on their continued success. I do agree that there is a point where the return on investment should come into play, but truthfully don't know where that line would be. I just feel like having to put a cost to the hours played is not a good way to judge a game in the long game. What do y'all think on this? How important is it to have X hours of gameplay for Y dollars? Is it a big decision maker? Do you think it makes sense? Just curious as to how other people value their game time.
  12. I searched for more info on Gone Home and it looks interesting, but is it worth €18.99? I also played The Stanley Parable demo and that was strange, so I'm thinking of getting the game. I really love the story for Gone Home. I played through it very casually and it took only 2 1/2 hours. It is an emotional and heart-felt story, so if you are good with an interactive story, then I say go for it. How much more is it to go to see a movie at the cinema and have a drink and popcorn? They last roughly the same amount of time, so I say justify it that way and enjoy!
  13. @Dave , on an unrelated note I got Cards Against humanity, which I hadn't heard of before you said it was your favorite game on the Reddit AMA, and it is a great game to play with friends, we had a blast with it the other night, thanks for the heads up on such a fun game. This is easily one of the most hilarious games ever! The description of "Apples to Apples for horrible people" is pretty accurate. If you have the right group to play with it is a blast. If you haven't done it yet, we usually add Rando to the game. Rando being a ghost player, so we draw a random response for Rando on each turn. The sad thing is that Rando has actually won before. There are some priceless moments when you play.
  14. Microsoft Excel. I remember reading on Kotaku about someone that created an RPG in Excel. It's called Arena.Xlsm. I can't guarantee the quality of the game, but it is still pretty impressive. Here is what it looks like.
  15. Minecraft has music? Sure does. A guy named C418. Nice chill ambient music. They randomly play when you are in the game and you can also find records (each has a single track) that you can play in the jukebox you can craft. Truth be told, I listen to the soundtrack at work. I find it calming when things get hectic. Now that I think about it, Bastion also has a fantastic soundtrack worth listening to if you have the time.