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  1. I second the idea to be able to build a sled of some description - even if it was a very crude one.
  2. I just thought that I would chime in and give some praise. The graphics look awesome and, along with the audio, they make the game very compelling and draw you deeper into the experience. There is obviously loads more to come [along with some fine tuning] but so far I am hooked and I can't wait to play the full game. It's clear that a huge effort has gone into the game and it is good to see how much of a part the community plays. Keep up the hard work.
  3. I also agree that the degradation is off. While the extreme conditions would certainly mess with some equipment, I don't think it is realistic as it is. Obviously this is a game and not real life but it needs to accurately portrait what it would be like as much as possible. I don't see how opening a can would degrade a can opener in any significant way seeing as I have a can opener that is 10 years old and is as good as the day I bought it. Same thing goes for knives and axes - they can certainly get damaged and do need maintenance but only when seriously abused would they deteriorate at the same rate as the game. Clothes also degrade far too fast. I am sure that these things and hunger/thirst are things that are being fine tuned and added to so will change a few times before the official release.
  4. I didn't realise you could save the game but why does it bother you if someone else wants to load from a saved game if they screw up. It's a single player game so how does it affect your gameplay? If you don't like it the simple solution is not to use it.
  5. I also think that clothes would be better if it showed or stated what slots were available. I like the idea of showing whether the highlighted item would be a gain or loss as spectre1989 described.
  6. I think that the plane is in another location and the sandbox we have seen so far is only a small part of the entire area.
  7. It is a bit ridiculous to say that there should be no map for everyone because you, personally, don't want to use a map. The solution is to not use it. Although if you were actually in this situation and you refused to use a map because you think you are too cool, then you are a fool! [Added bonus that it rhymed]. I also think it is unrealistic that there would not be a detailed reference map in the forestry lookout station and at the camp office. I do like the idea of having finding a map of the area but it should be possible to make a map that only includes the area's that you have explored which would be the natural thing to do. I don't think there should be a hud that tells you exactly where you are but if there is one, it should be possible to disable it. With regard to the difficulty of games - this short by Dara O Brian should be watched. Something for hinterland to consider.
  8. I had two cans of peaches. I wanted to consume both so it was when I went back to my inventory after eating the first that I noticed I still had two. I thought I had clicked on the wrong thing so I tried again and was able to consume it about 5 times after which I got a message saying something along the lines of "you can't eat any more". I think that my can opener was degraded each time but I didn't make a note of it so I am not sure. I didn't think check whether it was 100% full each time. I will try and recreate it.
  9. Version: Alpha V.096 Location: Hydro Dam Building I was encumbered, carrying 32kg with a capacity of 30kg. Then I got exhausted and my capacity dropped to 15kg. I was then able to consume the same can of peaches about 5 times and my stat levels responded appropriately. When I had slept and my capacity was back up to 30kg, the can disappeared the next time I tried to consume it. I had left the hydro building at this point.
  10. Wouldn't you know, I went to post a long reply but I had been logged out and have to rewrite it so this time it will be shorter. You should bear in mind that just because a law does not currently exist prohibiting something specific does not mean that people don't need protection from it. To assert otherwise would be ridiculous as if this was the case then there would never be any new laws to protect people from new developments. Also, to be pedantic about it, every business does not have the right to do "whatever" is in their "best interest" as this can [often] be against the law [i.e. monopolies, price fixing, insider trading, slave labour, destruction of natural resources, the use of toxic/hazardous materials, etc, etc] and rightly so. You need to read back over what I have written as you clearly have not understood it. Not once have I said that what kickstarter/facebook/oculus have done is illegal [that would be a completely different conversation], not once have I said that kickstarter [or other crowdfunding platforms] need to require projects to "never-ever sell" and I am more than familiar with how free markets and capitalism work. If you want to continue raising objections/counterpoints to things that I haven't said [or even suggested] then you might as well just have the conversation with yourself [without putting too fine a point on it ]. I did not start this thread to debate over the specifics of what happened or to engage in a confrontation but as a courtesy to Hinterland, to let them know that many people will not donate to future crowdfunding projects without protection from being used as free venture capital to entice bigger venture capital firms because I am aware that there are many people who haven't yet grasped the complexity of the situation and the implications, which will have repercussions for years to come. In the future people will reference this sale as [one of?] the turning point that changed crowdfunding forever and while you might not see it now, just remember where you heard it first. :lol:
  11. From being used as free venture capital to entice bigger venture capital firms or corporations [like facebook].
  12. I acknowledge that kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are set up in such a way that backers have no legal right to a share of the profits in the case of a sell out such as oculus rift and I doubt that this was an expectation of any of the backers when they chose to fund the project. My point is that the oculus rift would not have existed as a company nor would they have been in a situation to make 2 Billion had they not received what is essentially a 2.5 million interest and risk free loan from the backers [not to mention their support, pushing developers to adopt the tech into their game and showing that there was a market for the product]. If backers had been aware that they would effectively be used as bait to entice bigger venture capital firms, I strongly doubt that any would have given any money or support to the project. To take the long dark as an example, when I backed the project I did so because I wanted to play the game and to support an independent company so that they didn't have to capitulate to a faceless corporation that would enforce decisions based solely on profit and not based on what would be best for customers. I didn't back it with any expectation of receiving a share of any profits and I don't want hinterland to do this for free - I think it's only appropriate and fair that they are rewarded financially for everything that is put into making the game. I am not suggesting that all crowdfunding should be based on an equity crowdfunding model but there needs to be protection put in place that stops backers being used as free venture capital. Crowdfunding has grown exponentially in the last few years and corporations are scrambling to take advantage of it [http]. If backers are not protected from being exploited then crowdfunding as we know it will die and future companies like hinterland will never come to be.
  13. I am glad that the forum now uses phpbb. Changing your username back to what it was should take all of 30 seconds and changing your password should be something that you do regularly unless your one of those idiots that has used the same password for years for every account you have. As far as an estimated release date - when you backed the project you were given an estimated release date of October 2014 [if I remember correctly] and I'm sure that hinterland will let everyone know if they think it will be later than this and obviously as soon as they know an exact release date they will let everyone know. Patience child, patience!
  14. I'm sure that at this stage, everyone is aware of what has happened with oculus rift selling out to facebook [which makes it even worse] so I wont go into detail. I just wanted to put it out there that I will never be supporting any projects on Kickstarter [i have been in contact with them about changing their system to protect backers and their responses and attitude were shocking - they don't care as long as they make their money] or any other crowd funding projects where funders aren't protected from being used as free venture capital for greedy companies. If hinterland is looking at crowd funding a new project or a sequel I think it should be kept in mind that I am not the only person who feels this way and wants legal protection in place before they are willing to donate again. Of course I am not suggesting that hinterland would sell out but it is better to be safe than sorry - as the saying goes, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.