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  1. A lot of these situations still require technology in some way. Either cars, solar energy, some kind of technology. Anyway with the "event" in mind anything electronically based, or post 1960's technology, or anything not heavily shielded are destroyed by this "event". A lot of the survival techniques would have to be revised based on this idea.
  2. @Raph_Hinterland I've just been kind of reading up on it a bit but, they did announce that they where moving forward with a 4k Oculus to help get rid of the nausea along with the camera on the outside. So is TLD going to be 4k capable? http://www.tomshardware.com/news/oculus-rift-4k-display,24736.html
  3. @Raph_Hinterland @Emily_Hinterland and the Hinterland team (Jokingly) With all the press and interviews, programing and design where do you guys find time to sleep and eat?!
  4. Wow, that would be hard. Thank you for your service @Joseph_M_McDermott and welcome to the forums.
  5. @robdoar Every game developer has to watch for their "uncanny valley", I suppose.
  6. Any word on when we'll be seeing the backer upgrades on the site?
  7. @TattooedMac I've had alligator and kangaroo and a variety of other things people tend to shy away from, I wouldn't consider them domesticated by any means though.
  8. So to prefice this, I've had a lot of pets that I've been fond up growing up, but I grew up on a farm raising animals that we would later take to slaughter. So....Yeah, I'd eat him, and I would enjoy every bite. MMMM.... dog! (I've never eaten dog before/any domesticated animal other than your general pig, chicken, cow, etc.)
  9. Is the cabin with a wood chipper a reference to Dale & Tucker vs. Evil? Or, to something else I'm missing? Fargo? (I still haven't watched that whole movie. )
  10. For me it would kind of go something along these lines. (Part 1) So when I was younger I grew up in Arkansas, that's a misnomer really, since by the time I was 3 I'd moved five times, you see my dad was in the Air Force. He was a good enough guy, just probably not what my mom thought he was, since they where only married for 8 or 9 years. My mom did the best she could to raise us, with my sister and grandparents stepping in to help when and where they could. Growing up in rural Arkansas isn't really all that bad, as long as you lose your draw when you talk to people so you don't immediately sound like an idiot to them when you talk. The farm life wasn't to bad, digging in the dirt and watching plants, and animals grow is really rewarding, if not hard work. So fast forward several years... Every day is generally about the same nowadays. I wake up, I go to work, I come home and spend time with the wife. I'm not complaining, this is a good life. There are plenty of projects for me to do around the house, I love spending time with my wife, and working in IT is a rewarding field most of the time, despite it's face palm moments. We have a small garden in the back, and compost everything that we can to make for better soil. We live just outside of Dallas though, so we never had a need for something like a generator around here, and the winters aren't that cold, they can be in fact really mild compared to the Rocky Mountains that I used to live in just a year ago. I do still have a lot of cold weather equipment that I used while living there for the high mountain region. Honestly though even with all that in place we weren't ready for something like "The Event". It hit hard. I mean really hard. Power lines caught fire and transformers exploded, some of the people outside dropped to the ground like they'd been shot, Planes falling out of the sky, and the nothing worked. No cell phones, no cars, no way of getting a hold of my wife or family, and let me tell you when your this close to the city and an airport it's pretty scary. Those of us at the office I worked in that lived over the initial hit decided pretty soon that we needed to get back home. We're in communications you see, our building is partially shielded, but when everything stops working, and you don't hear any sirens, you figure things out pretty quickly, especially with the mess going on outside. So we waited, fire seemed to be burning the sky endlessly. After several hours we knew we had to leave. It seemed, at least then it did, that the worst of it was over. There was still some water pressure on the lines so we filled up what containers we could and divided them out as evenly as we thought possible. Some of us had some snacks from the refrigerators and cabinets, we hed emptied them out. It was all going to go bad anyway. We all left that day, walking to our respective homes; I still wonder if everyone made it home okay. I only know the fates of the people heading in the same direction that I was. The chill in the air hadn't been to bad after walking for a little while you almost forget about it. Of course there is always the dark, made worse by fact that the moon wasn't out, the whole way there it was like you were walking with black out shades over your eyes. Luckily we had a few lighters and matches tucked away within the group, enough that we could see the signs. So we kept to the road, our feet clomping on the pavement and the few conversations within the group the only sound we could hear other than the crackling of a few houses that had caught fire when the lines went up. We knew that there wasn't anything we could do for them, we all wished there had been. When we could we picked up the random stranger walking along the highway with us. It didn't matter who they were or what they used to do at the time, we were all still in shock from the goings on of the day. We only stopped every now and then to see people off to there home, we were picking new people up here and there. Having a larger group, I suppose, is what kept some of the crazies away. Those that thought they would help themselves to whatever they wanted once they figured out that no one was coming to help or to stop them. At the time though, I don't really remember a lot of that going on, everyone was to busy helping; That or they were locked up in their respective houses trying to wait the whole thing out. By the time I got home, I'd walked through every horrible situation I think I could have thought up, over and over again I ran these situations over in my mind. I unlocked the door to my home and called out to my wife... No answer... I went room to room, sometimes bumping into a few things here and there. I called out again; Still no answer. "Her parent's house." I thought. "She must have gone there. It's closer to were she works anyway... That or she stayed at school to watch over some of the kids she teaches." I started walking again, I had to find her, it was just so dark and so much ground to make up between me and her that night. Just so much dark. Had I known then though that the long dark was just starting... (Part 2 some other time)
  11. I've been waiting for this idea to finally make it to Dennō Coil level. (It's an anime where everyone uses glasses like this, exept the technology is much further along.) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denn%C5%8D_Coil
  12. Currently... One of the many games I bought during the last Steam sale. I am however looking forward to playing "Brothers". So that and trying to get my mod list for Fo:NV to work right, so I can play back through.
  13. (I'll have to post mine here later. I'm at work now.)
  14. Those of us from the US, and old enough at the time, all remember where we were on 9/11. I'm sure people from other countries remember certain events like this. What I wanted to open up to the forums here was the chance to, narratively if possible, explain, from your perspective and place in life; Where would you be and what would you do if suddenly the world was without power, and wherever you are winter is coming? This is a major life changing event, no one will ever be the same. You will never be the same.