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  1. And another old save issue while I am at it. Currently staying at Log sort in CH. Containers are searched and emtpy around the house like they should be, but the fishing huts outside is possible to search and find stuff again.
  2. Lol, my male charachter sounds very fenimine all of a sudden after last update... so the other way around Very old save
  3. It seems to work fine now for me. Good job!
  4. I would, but how to do this easy? All this limitations on attachments in posts and messages..
  5. Dont remember, but it is a really old save yes Thank you for looking into this!
  6. Restarting the game and it is still happening. This is on the v213.
  7. The same thing happend to me. Funny thing, I could then keep opening the fridge door more and more... See attached for log
  8. Yup, no "New post" button there... Now... cant wait to play the new area!
  9. +1 vote for no ingame map, or at least make it a very limited one. And also, please do not make the game any easier or less punishing, let us keep having these adrenalin rushes
  10. Hi all! Just want to say; what a beautifual game, punishing game, rewarding game and addicting game! It is all I hoped it would be from the kickstarter campaign days Would love to start a topic in the Norway sub forum, how to do this!? The nature and wildlife very much looks like typical Norwegian forests or mountains in the winter. Beautiful, but treacherous... game reminds me how it was to be a boy scout camping outside in the winter or my military service where I really "learned" what freezing and exhaustion is... Good times looking nostalgicly back
  11. Nice! Love the artwork and the general atmosphere of the sound and vision I have seen so far. It's what got me interested in the first place