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  1. Yes, I just tried quitting fraps and running the game and its working! This is a little odd as fraps seems to be working ok with eveything else, perhaps there is something in fraps that got corrupted during the crash specifically relating to TLD.... I may try reinstalling fraps to see if that helps. Anyway, its working so thanks for that.
  2. System specs: Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Graphics Card: 1080GTX RAM: 64GB Processor: 6700K This morning I got a BSOD whilst in game, CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION, I was in the Ravine having just entered it from Mystery lake a couple of minutes before. I suspect this BSOD is related to a BIOS update I applied to my motherboard yesterday to address the meltdown/spectre problems, its too much of a coincidence that a system that has been stable for 2 years suddenly BSODs with a kernel related issue the day after applying a BIOS update related to security issues with kernel space. However thats not why i'm here, the problem is I can't get TLD to load again after the crash. I first tried validating the game cache through steam, then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game entirely. But each time I try to launch it I just get a blank screen and windows tells me the game has stopped responding. How can I get TLD running again? preferably without losing my save games, but i'll take any solution. I've updated all my drivers but it's not helped so far. I've attached the original crash log. output_log.txt
  3. I like it how it is. Taking that long would pretty much eliminate its usefulness at higher difficulties, as you can't afford to wait around in the cold for hours doing something trivial. I'd be happy with certain spots having a greater mapping radius, like specific overlook points that are high up, but I'd still want it to be optional if it was going to take longer. A player doesn't want to start mapping thinking it will take minutes then find it took an hour and they have hypothermia.
  4. I'm still pretty much not making day 3. something always gets me, usually the cold or a wolf but last time it was actually food poisoning. the only food item I found gave me food poisoning. >.<
  5. There is a sweetspot for shooting them, which is just after they stop jinking and just before then pounce. Its a pretty easy shot if you choose the right moement.
  6. ok this is more or less what i'm doing, although probably inexpertly. But how do I progress? how do I get from barely surviving building to building to having a stable survival routine? I'm just not finding clothes or tools. So without clothes or tools how do I survive the first 5, or 10 days? should I be moving region to region? if so how quickly? or is there some way I can settle and survive in my starting region, even if there is no loot to speak of?
  7. Yes I think everyone agrees about this.
  8. Ok guys i'm struggling with Interloper. I like the game mode but i'm just not surviving past 2 days (on about 7th attempt now). The main problem is clothing, for example I just spawned in desolation point, wearing just a t-shirt, I've looted the whole map (except the cave) and all the clothing I've found is 2 tuques. I found matches and i've already made like 5 fires to warm up, and am desperately scrabbling around for fuel with no hatchet or other tools. And this is where it usually goes from bad to worse, moving to the next zone, this is usually when I die. So, what are the survival strategies i'm missing? or are some (many?) starts in interloper just not viable and doomed to fail?
  9. click and hold can be turned off in the options. You can see feels like temp by pressing F
  10. kinda tough if you don't find the holy magnifying glass of eternal fire +1.
  11. Well that fits well for crafted candles, take a cat tail stalk and some animal fat and you get a crappy candle!
  12. I like the idea. Its realistic that glow sticks might be available in some places where flares wouldn't be suitable emergency lighting (i've seen glowsticks on trains for example), and they could fill a useful niche, throwing enough light to loot a building or show the ground in front of you when walking, but not scaring off wolves or showing the immediate area... plus if you had enough of them and assuming they were illumined for a realistic length of time (say 8-12hrs) you could use them to mark out a trail at night in an emergency situation, where flares would burn out way too quick... that would look awesome.
  13. Would anyone ever make crude arrows though? assuming you're using up the same limited sapling resource.
  14. I quite like just having the rifle, I feel like it fits the Canadian theme to have just the old British rifle. The emphasis of the game is on survival anyway rather than gunplay. I will say though, if they were to introduce a new gun, I wouldn't want them to increase the total amount of ammo in the game. So you would end up having way less ammo for each gun.
  15. This is typically something you would setup in your graphics card software.