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  1. Can we get an option to change the size of the new condition icons or how long they remain on the screen? The resolution that I'm running at makes them pretty small and if I'm not paying close enough attention I'll notice that one of them came up but not catch it quick enough to see what it was and/or what "level" it was at.
  2. Apologies in advance if this has been suggested before. Can the sorting order for both the inventory and transferring to containers be saved? It just seems a little bit weird that the first time I pick up my game from the save that the first thing I have to is change the sort orders. Doesn't take long, isn't that hard, but it seems like a fairly easy thing to save the state of as part of the save file.
  3. I haven't been brave enough to go on Stalker yet and am running it on Voyageur
  4. I thought I was running in to this tracking one as the the trail would stop but after a few seconds stopped at the "end" of the trail a continuation of the trail would "appear" suddenly on the ground and let me keep tracking it.
  5. Just a few quick things from a couple of hours with .182 last night. Likes: Love the addition of the grass/weeds poking up through the snow, really helps flesh out the landscape. Having to stalk a wounded wolf for what seems like forever before he dropped dead. Some of the new itemization randomness. I was thrilled to find a hatchet in the burned out shack at the logging camp and a rifle and prybar at the derailment. The burnt out cabins at Mystery Lake. Makes things more interesting on a new play through not knowing what buildings may or may not be standing. The new clock/time pass screens for sleep/harvest/cooking etc. The new "hot" food/drink items. I always thought that eating the Pork and Beans cold was kind of nasty and the fatigue help from coffee was nice after taking on Fluffy in the Dam. Also gives me a reason to make a small fire every once in a while instead of just cooking and making tons of water for hours on end. The new crafting items. Now I actually have a reason to do some real hunting and trapping. Dislikes: The time pass screen while cooking missing the time left on the fire. That was the one thing I didn't like about the new screen was not knowing how long the fire had left until whatever was cooking was done. The burnt down buildings not being "accessible". Don't know if programmatically it's possible to make them more like the existing destroyed buildings where you could at least walk inside the husk and maybe find something that survived the destruction. Thoughts being maybe a metal box survived or a charred frozen body The overload of the new itemization. While I did like finding stuff in new places for some things it felt like it went too far. Just going around the Mystery lake area I found 4 hatchets and 5 can openers. I don't think I've ever found that many before (not that I'm going to complain about the extra scrap). The 2 rifles, 3 prybars and no knives did seem about right. Haven't made it over to the Coastal Highway yet to check that out. Old complaint but with the way everything else is being worked on thought I would mention. Eating and drinking dropping you out of the inventory and not seeing calorie/hydration levels. If I'm eating, especially early in the game when I'm surviving on "junk" food. It stinks eating a candy bar, not being "full enough" and then having to go back in to the inventory to eat/drink something else. Overall I definitely like the way things are progressing and commend the team on the excellent work they are doing.
  6. Another Kickstarter backer that never made it on to the old forums. Just hoping to get my Backer group badge
  7. Sorry about that. Late night of playing combined with a desire to get the idea down before I forgot it made me not go looking far enough back. I actually like your bigger pack ideas better. I was also thinking that the small pack would be a good one for when a new map/region came out for those adventurous members that like to do mapping. Help them get their jobs done faster/easier.
  8. I'd like to see a system where you could change out you pack for different occasions. I was thinking along the lines of something like these: The default pack. Standard weight limit and speed A smaller pack. Lower weight limit, but let's you travel faster since it's not as cumbersome. A large frame pack. Designed for carrying large amounts of gear with a higher weight limit. Either slows you down or prevents you from running. A more efficient pack. Same weight limit as the normal pack but designed with hooks/straps/loops that make some of your heavier equipment "seem" to weigh less (hachet, knife, crowbar, etc.) Then you could switch them out for different occasions. Take the light pack, your gun and knife for going hunting when you want to move faster. The large pack would be for times like when you move your "base" from one area to another and want/need to take things you normally wouldn't with you (tools/repair items/large amounts of food). The efficient pack could be a rare item that you would replace you normal pack with.