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  1. Thank you for reporting this issue! I just fixed it, and I wanted to provide some detail on what the problem was: At first I was unable to reproduce the problem. I followed your repro steps, but the remaining calories on the bear meat always came out as expected. Then I saw your note about storing the meat, which made me think this could be save/restore related. Indeed, if you save the game with calorie-boosted meat (which includes going through scene transitions) this bug will occur. When the food item is boosted we increase two numbers related to the food item: CurrentCalories and TotalCalories. Turns out we were only saving/restoring CurrentCalories (since we never had a reason to save/restore TotalCalories in the past, as it never changed on a food item). When we compute how much of a food item was eaten we are using the (incorrect) non-boosted TotalCalories, so the game computes that you ate more food than you really did. So -- it's safe to "top off" if you are cooking items and eating them without a save/restore in-between... otherwise this fix will be coming in the next hotfix or update (whatever comes fist). Thank you again... these are the kids of bugs that are tough to catch, and we really appreciate the community providing such excellent bug reports and feedback.
  2. Just a quick note to let you know we've updated the test_linux branch to v.283 which has the following fixes: * Fix crash when running game for 32 bit Linux systems * Fix crash / spawn issues for Linux systems running non-English locales Thanks for all the testing and feedback, it's been tremendously helpful!
  3. Thank you for all the detail on this, it's being worked on for the next hotfix. Bug Report Ticket #2663 created
  4. This was fixed in v.258, thank you FINDarkside!
  5. Wow, I believe your theory is correct. Will get this fixed ASAP!
  6. It looks like you don't have the VS 2013 Redist installed. Normally this would be installed by Steam automatically, but perhaps that is not working for some reason. You can install it manually from: ... x?id=40784
  7. Getting your debug log is the best way we can figure out the problem. See here for details on where to find it: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=504
  8. That container issue has been fixed in v.234 (out now for PC, coming soon for Mac).
  9. The missing containers issue is fixed in v.234 (out now for PC, coming soon for Mac). The problem with the outdoor gear is due to geometry changing (but the gear positions are from an old save). For interiors we collect all the loose gear and spawn it at the player position, but we couldn't really do that for outdoors (it could be too much of an unfair advantage to warp all loose gear from a huge outdoor area to the player).
  10. If you get v.234 (out now for PC, coming soon for Mac) -- you won't be stuck (you'll spawn at default start point). We rescaled many interiors, so the old save points might be in bad places (you got somewhat lucky, other people were spawned outside the interior entirely!). We dump all the loose gear from the interior at your feet, since it wouldn't be in right spot (and not be accessible)... again due to the fact the saved locations for the gear won't match up with the changed geometry.
  11. This is another side-effect from some interior rescaling that was done. The save position for those items isn't matching up with the rescaled tower. Note that for interiors we collect all the loose gear and spawn it in a pile at the player's feet, so this problem shouldn't be preset for rescaled interiors. Although this looks like an interior, technically it is not seen as one by the game.
  12. We've got a new update coming to address the indoor spawning problem. We scaled down some of the interiors, which resulted in savegame points being potentially outside the interior. It was our mistake we overlooked this side-effect from scaling, but a fix is coming soon (tonight). The remedy is to spawn at the default starrt point for the interior, if loading from an old save.
  13. I suspect it only starting showing up after v.226 since that is version where we starting using Unity 5 (which has a brand new PhysX engine). This is really good info to know though, as I can see how it would be pretty annoying. We'll add it to our Technical FAQ.
  14. I'll see if I can replicate this behavior -- the wolf should be giving up and wandering off after an hour or so (game time).
  15. It seems this is only happening on Mac for v.227? Anyone experiencing this on PC for v.227? One theory is the fall-through-ground fix didn't make its way into the Mac build. We'll double check to make sure it did (and update the Mac build if it did not).