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  2. This post is inspired by this lovely 45 degree day (114F)...bleh. So this is a total hypothetical, but say the game supported all four seasons. Obviously we know how winter would behave, because...well..that's what we have. But what changes do you think Spring, Summer, and Autumn would bring? This isn't a wish list item by any means, I just like to think about stuff like this for the sake of thinking about it. My thoughts: Spring: Ambient temps may be above freezing during the day, dipping below freezing at night. Wetness becomes a major concern, and thawing would mean more weak ice, possibly rendering Jackrabbit Island and Misanthrope's Homestead inaccessible without using the boats. On days where the ambient temperature is above freezing, wet clothing never freezes, and you can dry out clothing by walking around outside, or dropping it on the ground. However your temperature sub-condition can still drop to zero, presenting you with Hypothermia Risk, although you do not suffer freezing damage. Paved areas (and icy areas in general) become treacherous with an increased chance of falling and spraining something, due to the layer of ice that builds up from the freeze/thaw day and night cycle. Some of the snow starts to melt, revealing the grass and dirt underneath. On dark nights, this creates areas where the ground is essentially pure black, and you can't necessarily see what's right in front of you. Some areas become particularly muddy, slowing you way down as you slog through the mire. Summer: The most profound changes to gameplay. Travel at night is dangerous, as the snow is all gone. Unless you're in an open field under a full moon, everything is nearly pitch black. The moonlight helps in the open, but thick foliage in the forests presents some extremely hazardous hiking conditions. Predators can detect you easily, but you don't see them until they're on top of you. Avoid forests at night! Cold is no longer a concern. Now, your battle is with insects, sunburn, and heatstroke. This turns the temperature gauge on its head, to where keeping it as low as possible is preferred. If your Feels Like is 25C or above, you start to get warmer. Although the wind still helps to cool you down, Heat Index is now a thing: humid days make your Feels Like go up. The higher the Feels Like, the quicker you overheat. If it fills up completely, you are afflicted with Heat Exhaustion, which results in your Thirst decreasing twice as fast, and an automatic scent line due to your profuse sweating. Left untreated, after 2 hours it escalates to Heat Stroke, which results in your Fatigue decreasing twice as fast, and 20% condition loss per hour. Cooling off can be done by spending time indoors, passing time in the shade, or by going for a swim. You can also sacrifice 1L of water by dumping it over your head, to take a small chunk out of your heat meter. Lowering your temperature below maximum halts Heat Stroke damage, although you must keep it from maxing out for 4 consecutive hours, while avoiding Dehydration to cure it. Walking around with little on means you overheat slower, however exposed skin is at risk for sunburn similar to frostbite, although sunburn damage can be healed with time. You can no longer "melt snow". You must now gather water from a source, be it a pond or stream, and then it must be filtered and boiled. (Necessitating the crafting of a filter using a recycled can, sand, stones, charcoal, and cloth.) You can also sterilize this crudely filtered water by leaving it outside for a total of 48 daylight hours (UV sterilization). Also, certain areas become hotspots for insect swarms, particularly in the Muskeg. Insect swarms cause 2% condition loss per hour per area of uncovered skin, as a result of stings and bites. This also carries with it a risk of contracting a general sickness that slowly damages condition, but heals naturally over time. Water is now warm enough that you can swim, provided you are not encumbered. Wearing wet clothing keeps you cool longer, at the expense of additional weight. You can now also fish anywhere there is water and your feet are touching the ground. Rivers, lakes, ponds, the coast--the world is your oyster. Natural medicine, cat tails, and saplings respawn. The ice fishing huts and all they contained have broken through the ice, and are forever lost. This would necessitate some kind of ice fishing overhaul, allowing you to bust a hole anywhere for the following winter. Beachcombing becomes incredibly easy, as items literally wash up on the beach now, to be safely grabbed. Better stock up on those "nonrenewables" before winter.... Autumn: Similar to Spring, temps may be above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night. All the leaves on the ground mean you make more noise than usual when traveling through the forest, causing wildlife to sense your presence from twice as far away when not crouched. Also, as everything is trying to fatten up for the winter, predators are a little more aggressive than normal, but all animals have more meat on them than in other seasons. Otherwise, pretty much identical to Spring.
  3. I don't "know" why the screenshots were taken down.. I don't work for HL. I do know that I tried for 5 minutes to hang a fresh rabbit pelt from a peg and couldn't do it.. I suppose I shouldn't have presented my conjecture a bit less assuredly. If there's a next time, I hope I remember to keep my trap shut. 🤐 edit: I read your post where you explain how to do it. Interesting. I'll have to do that myself. I have some pelts close to 90%.. It seems a shame for all those hooks to go to waste...
  4. Ice Hole


    Thought I was collecting Battery for fun? AvE is just the right type of crazy canuck the Long Dark deserves. In this episode Battery is given an autopsy. Sorry Battery we need your body for scientific experimentation. The information obtained is that antimony is added to the plumbous to fabricate the plates. This is great for the purpose of crafting slugs as the resulting alloy is stiffer than plain plumbous. Now to figure out where to find the ingredients for the propellant.
  5. ya it was a pic with hanging pelts on the hook/pegboards
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  7. I have no other way to describe it... my crafting interface just broke. When I try to move from my inventory to craft, I don't get any sort of crafting display. All that happens is I get blurring around the edges of the screen, similar to how it looks when there is pain (but in this case, there is definitely no affliction at all in play). Has anyone else experienced this and is there any way to fix it on the Xbox One? ETA: I was in the middle of crafting my moosehide satchel when it happened. Everything was normal for my first 4-hour session. Then I stopped to have something to eat in game and simply couldn't get back into the crafting interface after that.
  8. rabbit pelts on peg board is not a Mod! I accomplished that by applying the "curing in place" glitch that is common knowledge and continues to be a known glitch, if that's what you want to call it. took a dozen hours or more to make that in real time... so far I give a huge thumbs down to @Admin on the Hinterland team. Somebody needs to give you guys better training if those are the tactics you want to employ to "police" the forums.
  9. I posted a shot of falling thru the world... All I can say is that if you're gonna delete someones contribution, there ought to be more explanation to it than that. my tag is was on it. they knew who posted it. I would have had no issue if it had been explained, but "unreleased terrain", nope, not buying that. the whole shot was mostly white screen with a little shape in the middle... lol
  10. Since I'm halfway between the two, I'm not going to vote. My stance is, if you're going to "fix" it, then FIX it. Update all buildings with fireplaces to have glowing windows when there is a fire lit. And pay attention to detail as well. For instance, if you only have the upstairs stove lit in the Mystery Lake Camp Office, only show lights out the upstairs windows. For the farmhouse, only show lights out the kitchen windows for the stove, or living room windows for the fireplace. Carter Dam might get a pass because of how far the fire barrel is from the windows, but every other building should have at least some light leaking out when a fire is lit. Basically if you're going for immersion, go all-in. If not, then just leave it as it is. Light spilling from the windows is not a critical aspect of the game, but it is definitely a nice aesthetic touch. So if you're gonna take the time to mess with it, make it good.
  11. Leave it. Much of the game is borderline "realistic", much of it is not. The lights shining at Trappers has become iconic. A possible mistake turned Easter Egg in the game, that many long time players have grown to love. For me, it makes Trappers a magical place, a sign of hope. The proverbial "light in the darkness" that gives me a feeling of hope, when much f the game can be dramatically hopeless in feeling. Finding my way there, by the light coming from those window, in the middle of a blinding blizzard, or almost impenetrable fog, gives me an upswing in mood, a reason to keep trying. Yeah, it is not IRL "realistic". But neither are wolves that actively stalk and hunt you, or glowing green bears during an Aurora. Leave it be as it is. I roleplay it... the Trapper, who we now know as Jeremiah, has a past, wants to remain hidden. So he put a sheet of mirror window film on the windows, so he could see out, but no one could see in, to see what he was doing. Just like many people do IRL with car windows. That coating reflects any ambient light, giving the appearance of light shining from inside, even though the inside is completely dark. Yeah, not true-to-life "realism", but it works for me, for my own roleplaying in the game. YMMV.
  12. I have and they don't... the light's steady. That said, ISTR Raph saying that that's not intentional so it may well go away sometime. OTOH, it may well not... Only the Shadow knows!
  13. Yeah, I just like the way it looks. It kind of says, "warm, welcoming homestead". And a friendly word of advice: Owing to Hinterland's repeated reminders that they are not concerned so much with conforming to a realistic portrayal of the world as they are in interesting gameplay, I find that most participants of these forums are conditioned to dismiss most observations if "lacking realism" is the primary objection. This can be circumvented to a degree by simply substituting the word, "realistic" for "interesting". For example, "I find it more interesting when the windows are dark when viewing the Trappers cabin from the outside, when there's no light source on inside.". Unfortunately, The warm glow does look good juxtaposed against the harsh cool palate of the wintry woodlands. It would be kind of cool if the windows had a wood-fire flicker to them too.. (They well might already; I don't spend a lot of time outside the cabin at night).
  14. It's wrong, but it's really nice when you crest that hill leading from the Deadfall and see those lights gleaming out. Just wish that Trapper's had more wildlife around it in the deep game.
  15. I remember when I first started working towards my 500 day ach, I posted a question about my concern about running out of supplies. I remember someone replying that, "You will die from boredom before running out of supplies". This is SO true. I have a 1200+ day and could live MUCH longer.
  16. Thanks @FrozenCorpse. It seems redundant to have to fill out the Content tab as well, but that did it.
  17. Interested to know your thoughts!
  18. That's a great idea! I'm aiming to finish up my Fire Master Feat along with my first 500 day run and Faithful Cartographer in my present play-through and that trick should come in handy rather than me just making random lines of 1-stick fires that don't really serve a purpose. Using the two stones as an aiming guide is excellent.
  19. Agreed! In my longest running game, I used the magnifying glass to build a line of single twig fires to guide me safely through blizzards. I oriented them so that when I stood in front of the two cooking rocks, I would be walking in the right direction. Maybe that would be useful in PV (or alternately, avoiding PV at all costs 😂)
  20. @redfish I had 400+ day game which started loooong before Steadfast Ranger, and after I installed the update, I decided to go on a "tour" of the map to look for the new items. I've found a few Go! energy drinks, multiple revolvers, many revolver rounds, and 3 revolver study books so far. So installing the update will definitely spawn the new items for you, but you may need to visit a lot of places to find them.
  21. Glitching through the terrain is a common enough bug and no one at HL thought it might have been a mod. The screenshot was taken from outside the game-world and is technically against forum protocol. I doubt the person who posted it was even reprimanded since it wasn't done maliciously (to reveal unreleased terrain). I'm sure support would be interested in seeing a report about the incident tho'. That way, they can have a look at the terrain and see if there's an open seam or gap and fix it so other players don't fall into it either.
  22. I have a feeling that somebody reported the post and Hinterland didn't look any deeper. They might not even know that it's a bug. It's only ever happened to me three or four times in 2k+ hours of gameplay. I have no idea what causes it. I hasn't happened to me since the rugged sentinel update at all so I didn't even know that it still happens. It's just so random.
  23. well, that was mine for sure... certainly isnt a friggin mod! Glitch in the game and we for damn sure shouldn't be censored or threatened with being banned from the forums. if anything they should have moved it to support to see why problems that like continue to affect a game that has been in "development" for 4 years!
  24. do you recall which one it was? could have been mine, but if that's the case, then they owe me an apology because i dont use mods in my game .
  25. For as "small" as the map is, Desolation Point has some good loot to be found. There is always a bow and at least one arrow at Katie's Corner (except in Interloper). Condition of the bow varies, but there is usually also a deer carcass there, with a broken arrow, and a back pack with varied loot. Beachcombing along the edge of the weak ice can wash up a wide variety of items. The mine itself, that you use to transition into the region, can have a variety of items, as well as coal. The other mine on the map will also have varied loot, and coal, always coal. The Riken is there with a Forge, and varied loot. The Lighthouse has varied loot, and a spectacular view. The Old Stone Church can sometimes have awesome loot if you find the rifle or revolver there. Hibernia is generally a loot hunter's dream, though RNG can be a bit trollish sometimes, but often has a good amount of loot, and possibly some high quality stuff. The cars along the road, and Scruffy's Cave also can have some good stuff, and on Pilgrim, Scruffy will never be an issue (no need to fear the big bad cave wolf). Every region in the game has potential for good loot, it all depends on what you consider "good loot" to be, and what you are willing to go through to get it.
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