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Just saw a clip on CNN about a company called Meta, and I had to go check it out. Will be interesting to see how it progresses over the years. Their 3D glasses are scheduled to be released this December according to the CNN report.

I think i have just found myself my Xmas Present to myself :) If the video is RTL on what it can do then i want a pair. This is NCIS Los Angeles in my lounge room. They blew me away, and i thing @robdoar mate, these are so much more than Google Glass is, IMO and the price tag is a ⅓ of what they are charging. Looking over the site, these glasses will give Devs so much more to work with.

Now to soften up my girl, but ill tell her now i won't buy the iPhone5s (i never was) but ill spend the $ on a pair of these hehehe

JK but honestly one to keep a eye on i reckon.

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I'd really have to see an actual demo instead of a rendered example of what the glasses may do.

Scroll to just under the spec bullet list for some actual in-use video (e.g. the review by Reddit c-founder). I looked for the same type of "actual use" material in the site before posting too -- I don't trust "what it will eventually do" promos only.

Still a bit to go, but at least it looks like the main fundamentals are working.

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