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Hi - I searched but didn't find anything, so if this is a duplicate, sorry!  The ice that is supposed to be hanging off of the Tooth is just floating in mid air.  Other stuff floats too.  Levitating twig and ice on Tooth below.

screen_(-282, 25, 926)_0e051487-6ded-4743-b6e2-16343547577d.png

screen_(-314, 25, 919)_b3e0fd9e-dfa4-400e-90e5-ec521c52b7de.png

screen_(853, 28, 617)_1a92a3d4-db34-4805-9fdf-982cd97722b3.png

screen_(847, 27, 617)_f8ebb201-13dd-41a5-8118-69fb5e8c9c37.png

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