Snow Depth and New Means of Transportation


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I have been playing TLD from a few month now and one mechanic I really want added to the game is snow depth and ice.  

Snow depth:  You know when you are walking outside on the grass and you walk though deeper snow and you can't move as fast? That is what I am talking about, when walking in TLD walking though snow you should have a slower speed depending on the depth.  Now you may be saying to your self "Oh! that would suck! I don't want that!"-you to counter the slow walking speed is one simple solution: Snow Shoes!!! (cheering in background) the idea with the snow shoes is that you have your normal walking speed on snow when wearing them.  One other suggestion for snow travel (This will be great for pleasant valley) is skies and ski polls.  when traversing large fields of snow you can put on skies to glide around.  Note*  when going down hill you will naturally go faster but you may be thinking how would you go up hill? just make it so you can spend like 5 in game minutes to take the skies off and put them on your back and carry on!


Lastly running on ice make no sense, you can run on ice (I curl so I know you can) but with added difficulty and maybe the chance of slipping and hurting yourself, to counter this all you need is snowshoes again! most snowshoes have metal spikes on the bottom so you can grip into the ice and move faster than walking (but slower than running)

I love this game and I can not wait to see where it will go! I love supporting a good Canadian game and I hope we get to that beta mode soon!!!

-Harrison (The Canadian Loonie)


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I do believe that there is a reduction in speed when you are on snow. It's best to stick to the pavement or open ice to make best speed.

The mode of transportation is snow shoes?

There is a real cost to having snow depth be a nearly continuous attribute of every location on each map of TLD. Yes, depth of snow would be nice to add to the world model. It might not be popular because most people feel frustrated with walking pace which uses up a lot of playing time and in-game time.

Would you be happy with avalanches in certain steep snow regions? That would create an added risk and teach you to stay out of avalanche zones and off steep snow laden hillsides. I like the idea of lots of new ways to die or suffer injury in the game that doesn't involve the wolf or the cold. Adds challenge and risk/reward.

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