v.304 No cost - extra weight capacity AND then item loss


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Two bugs but happened together (Sorry, also trying for no spoilers too)

v.304 Timberwolf Mtn.
Issue#1. Heavily packed with found supplies.(120.00 lbs) Carrying two mountaineering ropes.  Movement speed is reduced.  I dropped one rope on the ground (it's weight is 11.00 lbs). Movement speed back up... You can then try to 'place' that dropped rope but instead just keep walking with it do not select either 'cancel' or 'place', your movement speed is unaffected and it travels with you.
Issue#2. While walking like this I went just a little ways, and without 'placing' or 'canceling' the action... I selected the 'health/pack/journal' menu.  Upon exit of menu the rope I had in the 'placing' mode is gone.  It's not in the pack, it's not at my feet, it's also not back were I started/dropped it in Issue#1 above.  I retraced my steps, it didn't revert to last know position like 'cancel' does.
I do believe Issue#1 works as a pack weight cheat... So long as you placed the item from time to time, and it really should be addressed.  Hope this helps.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Played the game again, and it seemed to 'load' something at the disclaimer screen this past week.  Still version .304.  

I revisited the site were the rope was 'lost' and it is there again.  Now before you say I missed it, it could be clearly seen from a distance.  :)

so it appears post game reload the object is back. (Good end result yet leaves me wondering)


on the carry cheat, I then was left with two ropes up in the mountain... I paced both on the ground and just leaped frog them as I moved using the place feature and looking ahead.   You can make good time with a free 22lbs.  Not sure who hard it would be to incur the weight on the 'place/move' action but again... Free 22lbs.  Still this really only pays off on heavy objects like rope, rifle, hammer etc.

Thank you for Timberwolf mountain.

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