Flint Naping


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I think there is a lot of potential for flint knapping. We don't have much true flint; it's mainly chert and obsidian. There is a source of obsidian near Squamish BC that would be within traveling distance of the downed pilot McKenzie. I foresee that Traders (NPCs) might be a source for flint knapping knowledge.

I have a series of posts in Off Topic covering Flint Knapping and I'm working up a system analysis of the major parameters, tools and materials, products, errors and failures in knapping. (what goes wrong when you make a mistake). A complete treatment of knapping with all the physics of non-homogenous materials with faults and inclusions, is not feasible and would be very time consuming. My aim is to get enough of the physics and techniques in there to provide a learning experience and a challenge which will product primitive blades at first and then work up gradually to produce beautiful tools and decorative items.

@Draxis, have you any practical experience or done much study on the subject? I can use some help. You might want to follow me to ensure you don't miss the knapping posts. Hinterland is interested in seeing a proposal on knapping and there is a small core of us who want to see it. Most folks seem indifferent or prefer to make things much easier rather than adding challenges.

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