makeshift shelters (TEMPORARY)

Danny PeaceMan

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We should be able to build makeshift shelters. Stuff like a "lean to" maybe an igloo or various styles & types.

The KEY to this wishlist request is to make these shelters TEMPORARY shelter.

It wouldnt be to fun or fair really if you could just grab some sticks and other stuff right off the bat and build a shelter in the middle of bfe  perminant af and indestrucatable.  

Thats why you impliment the temporary factor. 

For example: you craft a lean to shelter out of sticks, maybe some leather/cloth. Moss is a must for insulation as well as rope/guts to lash the shelter together.  

Now you can build it to last a certain amount of days. For instance lets max the shelter life at a week. (7 days) Your shelter can last up to 7 days but you still need a bed roll and a camp fire should be outside almost always seeing as how your not indoors completely. 

Now if you decide to take the shelter down after a day or two, you can recieve some of your used materials back. 

However, the longer you wait to take the shelter down or if you wait for it to fall apart after the 7 days, the less materials you are able to aquire from the left over scraps.

Now, just like everything else in the game has estimation, we could even set the shelter life to an estimation setting so you arent guaranteed the full 7 days. Instead thats the max amount of your lucky.

Take the elements into consideration as well. Strong winds or blizzards can knock your shelter over and destroy it wether in your sleep or out in about. If you place the campfire to close to your shelter you may catch the shelter on fire in your sleep and so on.

Maybe you can make the shelters like a snare and deploy it and fold it up more than once, you know, 2 or 3 times before youve got to either repair it or craft a new one. Or you could have those shelters or the temp shelters you can make out of uncured materials in which case you can only use once.

So. Many. Ideas....

Anybody else have any ideas /better suggestions along these lines or just in favor of this idea with makeshift shelters?


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I've suggested in the past that we should have a make-shift wind break such as a snow wall so that one would have wind shelter while harvesting animals during storms. In this way, a fire could be kept burning despite high winds. Cordage would be very useful for shelters as would being able to craft some type of tarp or finding a tarp.

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I totally agree!

There should be an interface kind of like the first aid one where it shows you all your shelters issues, how to fix them, and what it will take. Also the percentage quality should depend on how long you pent building the shelter and how long it has been sitting without repairs. If Hinterland adds this it would be SO COOL!

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Shelter making is an interesting survival activity. I wonder if there will be much community support for features to simulate shelter making and perhaps debris huts, debris beds and so forth. Wouldn't it be interesting if one could climb inside the carcass of a recently killed deer or bear to avail of the warmth to pass the night. If I recall, that was done during the Revenant and also by Bear Grylls. Unfortunately, I don't believe it's that common.

Here is some interesting speculation on the subject:

If it were truly cold with significant wind chill, your ersatz home would rapidly freeze, entombing you within!

One would think that if you had a hide or two, you could prop them up with sticks to provide a wind block.

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The Mythbusters actually did the tauntaun shelter myth! :)

And I wish I knew how to add spoiler tags... Oh well, spoiler ahead!

As it turns out, a tauntaun, with warm "guts" cut open would allow a hypothermic person to survive a night on Hoth. It was a rather odd Mythbusters episode but still lots of fun! Would it work in real life? For moose, elk and bear I guess it could. They'd all be similar to the Mythbusters tauntaun mock-up so the result should be the same. Downside is you'd be wet when you climb out so you'd return to freezing in short order. I would not believe it would work with a deer though. Deer are just far to small (at least the ones we have in Ontario) to fit anything inside the chest cavity.

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