v.302 weapons and crosshairs


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just a quick report. tested with pc version.

  • while crouching you can see the hunting rifle but cannot see the bow and the distress pistol
  • while sprinting you can see the bow but cannot see the distress pistol and the hunting rifle
  • you can see the crosshair while the distress pistol is equipped which is annoying




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maybe you got my point wrong. i'm not in the need of a crosshair and i know that we have to aim first before firing. but i'm always walking with my distress pistol equipped and it's annoying that the crosshair is always there. it should be like it is with the hunting rifle, namely without any crosshair.

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Sorry for misunderstanding.

They added that "feature" last update. Many users complain that the lack of a crosshair (more so lack of sight for the bow) requires too much user effort to use ranged weapons effectively. So the developers forced the selection dot to remain on the screen while those weapons you mention are carried to give those users something to estimate their targeting without compromising the intended weapon-sight-only aiming mechanic.


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