Hotfix to v.304 (Xbox One)

Patrick Carlson

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We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark on Xbox One to v.304 to address some issues regarding the stability of game saves.



* Various fixes to address remaining known savegame corruption issues.

### End of Changelist ###



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Hopefully v305 comes out shortly ( I was hoping for today ) I've lost 2 more saves in as many days.

with the game I was having I knew it would happen.. Getting the hunting bunker, and then insulated boots,Premium coat and 6 ammo from trappers.. It was way too good to be true.

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I wonder.... Would you guys by any chance be shutting down your console or exiting the game during the save process? This would corrupt the game save guaranteed. For those that aren't aware... there is a loading icon that appears on the right hand side of the screen when the game is saving. I could be completely wrong about this being the source of the issue, but I'm on Xbox One also, and I am very careful with when I choose to exit the game, and I never lost a save YET. I hope I never do. 40 days in on Voyageur with all the upgrading animal skin clothing at 100% maintenance. It would suck to lose it all. If only we could duplicate our saves.

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trust me when I say this.. I'm also VERY careful to the point where I actually set a timer and everything after a save ( the timer has been recently do to testing areas ) But i won't even Xbox button outta the game.. I use the in game quit option.. I've lost saves from 1 day to 200 days.. With varying degrees of "success" i.e. full crafted clothing, 40+ ammo 20+ arrows etc etc.. The main difference I can see is, I myself only play on stalker.

on a side note, I also never have had a app running in the background ( intentionally ) nor do I switch to other apps making the game go into a "sleep" state...

just plain ol' bad luck perhaps..

and it never really sucks to lose it all.. The one thing in this game is eventually you will die! The saves corrupting just make it quicker sometimes lol.. To me I treat it like a random ailment or negative condition.. Like my guy or gal had a stroke in thier sleep.. Or just lost the will to live!

look to the bright side and all that.. Sure I just lost another file, the upside is I get to play it all over again :)

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If only Xbox allowed us to copy our game saves to external devices for backup purposes. Or if the game devs allowed us to copy our save files to another game save slot. At least until a permanent fix addresses this issue. I wonder if saves are stored locally on the internal xbox harddrive, or stored on the cloud? If it's saved on the cloud, then personal network and/or internet issues can corrupt the save if the connection breaks somewhere, even just for a second. I think game saves should be stored locally on the xbox harddrive, and then uploaded to the cloud in the background after the save is safely stored on the harddrive.

This is just my theory on what is going on.

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