Toolboxes, almost redundant


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So I've just started a couple of new runs and I keep finding toolboxes and scrap metal, which I store here and there like the hoarder I am (because you never know when you're going to need it);

But really, has anyone ever used a toolbox since repairing rifle's and blades has switched to cleaning kits and whetstones?

I suppose you might need a toolbox every once in a while to repair a hacksaw or the heavy hammer, but that will be quite rare, I imagine.

So basically, toolboxes are pretty much redundant as is, unless the devs find a way to differentiate different kinds of repairs needed.

Like the axe handle breaking. You could actually hang the head on a new handle. Or the rifle blowing up. You might be able to save it with a repair.

Something like that.

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yeah I have noticed that as well, you don't really need toolboxes or do we? As we now need wet stones to sharpen knives/axes. Maybe they can be used for Gun Repairs as well as the hard to find gun repair kit?

I started a new run from MP map currently at next map and have about 5 toolboxes wondering what I can use them for or if I need them further. I guess I will find out.

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