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I've been searching the Internet using Google for useful benchmarks for video editing software. I'm not finding a lot of useful information; mostly the reviews talk about features and cost. I need a place to collect the information we find so I figured, why not start a thread here.

Currently I'm recording using OBS. The menus are little bit hard to get used to but once you get it down and you have adequate graphics accelerator, it seems to work well.

For editing, I'm using FreeMake. The bonus is it is free and seems to do an adequate job. I haven't worried much about special effects with this. Here is the brief description of capabilities (very basic)

"In spite of its name, Freemake Video Converter is an entry-level video editing app. It can perform simple non-linear video editing tasks, such as cutting, rotating, flipping, and combining multiple videos into one file with transition effects. It can also create photo slideshows with background music. Users are then able to upload these videos to YouTube." - wikipedia

Freemake is not ideal for adding music tracks; we haven't tried it.

Sony Vegas Pro is nice but costs around USD $400. There is a trial version but the watermark is a pain. There may also be a one month limitation but not sure.

Here is an excellent comparison from wikipedia: Comparison of Video Editing Software - Wikipedia

For those interested in fast video editing, check out the GPGPU feature which permits the graphics processor to be used to assist rendering.

While we are on the subject of GPUs, take a look at AMD CrossFireX which allows up to four GPUs to be used in a single computer to improve graphics performance.

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I'm surprised that Cyberlink's PowerDirector is not in the comparison table although it is in the list of editing software:

I use PD since version 7 for all my videos, it is simple, with 60-100$ not expensive and has tons of features, most I don't use (like PiP or blue/greenbox and tons of picture effects). What I like most is the multitude of transitions you can apply by simply draging on a cut (although lately I always use the same "fade"), a quite powerful title/texteditor and the fact that a cut does not really "cut" your material on the track. When you make a cut say on minute 1 of a 3 minute clip you can shift the end around and even expend the clip to minute 2 or fully back. Also, deleting clips in a track automatically shifts all the other clips on the track.

Other editors I used either lacked some of the features or were complicated to use. Once I discovered PD I stuck to it and never looked back.

Note though that I use it mostly for game- and sportsvideos and not for "Hollywood" grade videos. A good example of the possibilities would be a trick kiting video I've made some years ago. Back then I used to make more complicated videos with lots of effects and stuff - the two kites around 0:30 are only one that I mirrored with the software:

Have a look, I think PD is also available as a trial version so you don't have to buy the cat in the sack (does this expression exist in english? lol).

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I use PowerDirector as well. I began with Windows Movie Maker (free), but needed some advanced features. PD does what I need and a little bit more.

I use OBS for live streams. If you like OBS, get OBS Multi-platform. A lot more stable and easier to use than the base OBS.

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