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jeremiah johnson

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Im sure this topic has been brought up before but I was not able to locate a similar thread in the alpha forum.

So my question/suggestion is why can we not wear multiple layers of clothing?? This is so obvious its almost painful. yes, I am aware that being able to wear multiple layers could take away from having to make your own clothes or something like that. But on a fundamental level, it just doesn't make any sense that I should have an entire dresser full of sub-par clothing that i can not layer up with.

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Sweater + vest/coat for torso. Underwear + pants for legs. What else do you wannt ?

Or you are referring to ability to wear multiple of the same, as putting vest on top of vest ? That would be pointless, not to mention unpractical. With full set of hand-crafted clothings players can go out with almost any weather. And putting 2 Premium Winter Coats on would turn you into Marshmallow Man, severely limiting mobility, while giving rather little in terms of warmth bonus due to the way how those things are made.

Id like clearer representation of what goes where, but we do have options for multiple layers of clothing.

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I think the TC ment something like this.

For small ventures into the cold i usually cover my body with a latex layer to keep my body heat trapped inside my layers of clothing.

(It's also pretty windproof)

Skin -> cotton -> latex -> cotton -> wool

When i reach my destination i am usually sweating just a little bit but i can always take off my wool layer should i start to sweat too soon or too much.

For the legs it's a bit different what i do

Skin -> cotton -> latex -> cotton

And i wear a scarf that you have to pull over your head down to your neck, those scarves are so much handier because i can then overturn it over my head to cover my entire head like a skimask, but also still protect my entire neck, like a scarf (i can make a picture should anyone incline).

I also wear kneepads, they do wonders.

I don't like skintight latex though, makes me sweat instantly, the latex of a waterproof fishermans raincoat is much better.

So while the TC's idea makes sense, one cannot just go stick layers upon layers and hope for the best, players will need some kind of knowledge about what works and what doesn't, but with the current state of clothing this would only be helpfull in TMW on stalker, no other place is really cold enough to have players stack multiple layers of clothing for extra benefit, the current weight system would also ruin that a little bit.

Which is a problem the devs should focus on, as when equipping clothing they should go on my body not remain as a dead weight in my backpack.

When the items remain in the backpack all weight is on the spine and shoulders so the back carries everything, when it's equipped all weight is distributed across the body and should perhaps only take up 5% of it's total initial weight per equipped item, or none at all since i am carrying stuff in my backpack carried by my spine and shoulders, not by my feet or hands, or legs... you get the picture.

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