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Currently there is no way to get fuel for Lamps or Fire on a natural way.

I think that fish-oil could be used as fuel.

Fishing is currently not too rewarding, cause of the high weigh and low energy of fish. I think this way it could be more important and usefull.

Please let me know what you think.

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I don't think there are lamps that are designed to use fish oil, no. But that doesn't mean it's not possible to use fish oil in a lamp. It's certainly true that if you put a wick in a bowl of fish oil and light the wick, it will function as a makeshift oil lamp. So it might work in a real oil lamp as well. (although I would not try it for real unless I had no other option, I doubt it's good for the lamp)

But personally I would rather see either a makeshift oil lamp or candles than just using fish oil in a regular storm lantern. I do like the idea of using fish oil because it makes fishing a more meaningful endeavor. Right now I consider it a waste of time and resources.

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Fish oil. Not really sure, amount that player would get per fish would simply make it unpractical.

But makeshift lamps that use fuel made from rendered fat, combined with makeshift candles, would be a nice way to light up ones life. If they would also add a feature where many tasks depend on amount of light that is present(both in terms of task duration, success rate and quality), it would only make game better. Stitching together a pair of rabbit mittens in a total dark seem just tad weird.

Not to mention that you can make a lot more from animal fat - bio-diesel(if we ever get cars working), soap(it may not smell pretty, but who cares), glycerin(thats whole another bunch of possible crafting recipes: preserver, sweetener, antifreeze, etc), various foods(like already once proposed pemmican), waterproofing, candles, plus its great for taking care of skin in all that crazy weather. 8) ... p-oil.html ... p?t=261291

If we can make arrowheads with just a hammer, then why not to be able to make all that stuff with a knife, stove and a lot of time and wood.

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