One hours left.


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Don't forget that extra line of code otherwise we'd have 'one hours's' instead of 'one hours'

No i didn't made a typo there. The typo is in the hours, one hours, not one hour, so missing code for one hour would make one hour be one hours, so the plural of that missing code would be one hours's.

Just thought i'd make this simple bug/overlooked part as complicated as possible 8-)

Edit: I ment when viewing the 'hours of X left' You can see it sais one hours of X left while it should be 'one hour of X left'

That's a coding beginners mistake!

Weird noone else made a topic bout this yet, 'tleast couldn't find any.

1 hour, two 1 hours (get it now? :P ) there's one 1 hours of daylight left and one 1 hours of night left, so that would make it two 1 hours's

The Long Dark melted my brain, maybe i should get some sleep... :roll:

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