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I was thinking to gain more funds and perhaps it will help expand the team perhaps you can follow what star citizen have done? You could have items that player can buy to use in the game if popular? Not to win the game but just for added benefits that is how Star citizen is doing it.

Perhaps players can buy certain limited things that does not destroy the fun or surviving? Perhaps even buy some food kit that can be located in certain areas like those survival documentaries. For a small fee players can use this box to help stay alive later when they are more things added to the game to give it greater challenge.

I was thinking if they got more funds that means they can do more and expand their company! :)

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No one is really seeing the potential? Star citizen is doing that because they don't have subscription fees so they offer other ways players can keep help funding the game. Its over 100 million in fund today and still they need more! And they are way past kickstarter because i thought that the ideas presented from many of us might need more fund to make it possible.

As you get more fans they be more demands and you grow in popularity so its good that you need more funds so the game can get bigger! Or else it will never see its full impact on what fans are longing for in a survival game! It will be like sim city where they could not meet the demands of their fans and another developer had to step in and provide that so sim city lost out big time.

Unless the team says they do not want a big game at all and they just want is a small game and do not want any creative ideas. That they are just moving on after the long dark and its just a one off game so they are happy if other developer take the lead to developer it further. If they have no long term goals or great desire to make a game a bigger hit then let me know and i will delete all my ideas. Putting a effort in all this because i see big potential for hinterland and the game!

Its already mention that this is an indie game and that my ideas are not possible because of funding and small company. But again it does not need to be this way you don't need to stay indie and make indie game for life! And I know this is not what the team want to always be indie and always stay small. However if this is the goal then it needs to fully explained that long dark is a one off game and they be no major changes after story life is release.

But I do beg that i hope this is not the goal of hinterland because your getting so much positive feedback and so much idea you can't just be small indie anymore! :)

I do not want the Long dark to just be some small company happy with the Long dark and then it drops dead and moves on. There really is so much it can become just like star citizens so funding it critical to get the things done that could not be done because of the funds.

Here is a good read that can really help expand Hinterland one day!

It isn't even close: In crowdfunding terms, Star Citizen is the most well-funded video game in history. Since its crowdfunding campaign launched in October 2012, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and developer Cloud Imperium have raised a staggering $77.3 million for a game that is, today, barely playable.

And there's no indication that it's going to end anytime soon for the game that will blend spaceflight and combat in galaxies far away. In the last week alone, Star Citizen raised $1.2 million.

[shadow=blue]What's the secret to his success? "The big thing is the thing that we didn't do," Roberts told Wired. "Most crowdfunding campaigns engage some people, convince them to become backers, and then the campaign stops. We didn't stop."[/shadow]

Cloud Imperium's lucrative strategy is funding Star Citizen's development. About 320 people are at work on the game in studios that span from California to Texas, the U.K. and, soon, Germany.

According to Wired, the average Star Citizen backer has contributed $96. And Cloud Imperium has used its success to incentivize more. As has become common in crowdfunding campaigns, the developer offers stretch goals for items and features that will arrive in Star Citizen if backers contribute enough to meet financial milestones.

Star Citizen's success is public, too, thanks to a running ticker that shows the total amount pledged, as well as breakdown for the month, week and day. It's as much a service to the fans as it is about bragging.

"We've talked about taking that down," director of communications David Swofford said. "But we asked the fans, and they like seeing that number."

Beyond stretch goals, Cloud Imperium also sells in-game items to raise funds. Those can range from the tens to the thousands of dollars. A recent example, the Aegis Vanguard, is on sale for a limited time for $250. After that day, the price will increase, and buyers won't get extra affordances like lifetime insurance on the hull.

For more on Star Citizen's lucrative spaceships, press play below. In the video, we travel to an asteroid field and tour a hangar containing thousands of dollars worth of outrageous and beautiful vehicles.

Funding History

So please if possible perhaps Hinterland can also use these great funding ideas beyond kickstarter and use stretch goals to lure in more players!

Here have a look and you can do the same to expand the game, employ more staff, expand your office!

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  • Hinterland

Thanks for sharing the ideas! We're still raising money to develop the game through the various Early Access programs we're part of (Steam Early Access, Xbox One Game Preview). We're excited to see what the Star Citizen team is able to deliver with the vast resources they've managed to raise for their game, and we wish them the best of luck!

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Hello Raphael! Thanks so much for replying!

I am sorry to have raise star citizen but no one is believing me that my ideas can happen and that you can grow as a company and become an AAA developer! :) Getting replies that its too technically challenging which I know is very challenging but that is why I have posted ideas on funding. So you have the ability to do what you want for the game and not be restricted.

But I hope you can also release items and other things on your store specifically for the Long dark like how star citizen is doing so i mentioned it to show the evidences of what has been done.

Robert is a nice guy and he mention other games on his website too! :) But sorry for mentioning star citizen i only did it to show how a small company became a big one!

I will send you the links so you know! And I am sure you know this already or you will not have gone kickstarter! :)

So thank you for reading my ideas and i just hope it helps cause i am excited to see what the game can become! After seeing so much positive feedback and so much ideas on steam! 300+ pages of ideas!

And if my ideas are worthless and not your goals just let me know and I will apologize and delete it all with no grudges. :) I don't want to list wasted ideas if it is not your vision to build that kind of survival game which you can see in many other survival games out there. I only list it cause i see you becoming an AAA developer due to popularity! :)

Some companies are happy being small and do not intend to go where no man has gone before! :) Some just like creating small games and nothing more. But again I know this is not your vision or else as said you won't have gone to kick starter and would have gone down the road of getting a publisher with all the restrictions.

So again thank you and appreciate what you done in the game so far and how its gain so much popularity! Thanks again!

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