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I know about the F8/F9 to take screenshots and is it F10 for HUGE screenshot without hud, but I think as you open up the Steam early access a *lot* of people will want to take pretty screenshots (F12 in Steam) and post them to their Steam profile.

These are good publicity for the game as pretty as the game is, and to have a toggle HUD key would be a great plus. I would suggest Ctrl+H or just H or U or F11 or something like that.

Otherwise people would just have to use imageshack or the like and not have the collected screens of the game in the same Steam community page.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

This can be done now through the Display options, but I can see the convenience of a keyboard shortcut. I'm curious if there is a common binding for turning the HUD on/off in other games, as it would make sense to pick a binding at least some players are used to using.

I like the idea of using a modifier key (like Ctrl+H) so it isn't pressed accidentally, but our default binding for Crouch is Ctrl. Maybe Alt+H.

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I think there is not a standard here. I've seen:

Backspace, Numpad * or /, F10, F11 and so on.

Alt+H would work but possibly some would want to map it to Crouch in the future or maybe Prone if you guys implement that. So something away from WASD would be best. I think maybe Numpad * is good or just * as it is a common unshifted key at least on US keyboards.

When I play Unreal games they are easy to modify the bindings for so I usually map F11 to 'toggleHUD' and use F12 for the Steam screenshots.

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